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Anyplace to buy pork belly in the Boston area? (Nm)

Am in the mood to try to replicate some yummy pork tacos I had recently

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  1. I'm north of Boston, but I've found pork belly at Market Basket -- give your local MB a call to see if they stock it.

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        Maybe OP meant (never mind) meaning he moved on??

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          Usually "no message" -- as in, "just read and reply to the title, it says all I need to say."

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            Super 88 in Brighton (H-Mart I guess)

          2. market basket and any asian store, chinatown and beyond.

            1. If you want to splurge on the organic, from ethically raised animals, and locally sourced product that is a bit pricier, please-please-PLEASE go to M F Dulock on Highland Avenue in Somerville. I've purchased it twice in the past month - around $5 for a 3"X3" slab, and it was DELICIOUS! My husband and I were standing around the roasting pan picking at it uncontrollably - it barely made it to the presentation part of the program. Oh, god it was good. Cooked at around 500 for a half hour and back to 200 for another hour and a half. Basted with a bourbon, dijon, maple glaze at the end. I'm thinking I need to go right now to get another. See ya.... ;)


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                second dulocks. delicious stuff, worth the price for a splurge.

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                  Their pork belly (and pork in general) is unequaled, and it will ruin most other pork for you.

                  To me a splurge implies some degree of extravagance. Eating meat which isn't commercially raised and processed is important to me. I'd rather eat out less and buy more product at a place like Dulock.

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                    Well that is somewhat about semantics, isn't it? I used the term more to imply whimsy. Will be more careful next time.

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                  Third Dulock's and they usually have Pork Belly in the fridge in it's not in the case.

                3. The Fresh Pond Whole Foods usually, but not always, has it - you might want to call first.