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Jun 26, 2013 02:10 PM

Great thai near the Peninsula Hotel

We are going to spend 4 days in Bangkok before picking up a tour to Burma. I would love love some recs near the hotel or near the MO area. With the traffic I don't know if I can face a long ride. I guess if the restaurant is near one of the metro stops it would be ok. We love seafood but eat just about anything.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Nahm should be 5-10 minutes' drive away in clear traffic, but can be 5 times longer during peak hours and the notorious jams along Sathorn Rd.

      Another option is the Blue Elephant, which is 10 minutes' walk away. Like Nahm, this restaurant started its life outside Thailand (Nahm in London, Blue Elephant in Brussels) but came back to Bangkok after achieving acclaim overseas. I first tried L'Elephant Bleu back in 1994, and it was the *only* Thai restaurant I'd been to in Europe at the time which served "luk chup" (, which was a pleasant surprise.

    2. This area is actually full food unless you're only looking at high end options. Walk markets and the old muslim quarter of charoen krung and you never be able to eat everything. A few good articles in bk and cnn travel should get you started.