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Jun 26, 2013 02:09 PM

Restaurant options near Convention Center [Columbus, OH]

Any advice for a NY 'hound visiting Columbus? I'm staying at the Hilton on High St (across from Convention Center I think), and would like some options within a ~10 min walk. Thin-crust pizza would be a good option if anyone has some suggestions there. If the options nearby are really limited, and I need to hop in a taxi to venture farther away, I'm willing to do that too.


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  1. Your hotel has a very good restaurant, Gallerie. Its chef also has another restaurant in town further north in the Clintonville area. DeepWood nearby is wonderful. I can't think of any pizza within walking distance but hopefully others will.

    1. Just up High St there is Marcellas which has pretty good pizza. Not New Haven or New York but pretty good.

      1. Harvest Pizzeria.

        It's in German Village, a 10 minute cab ride from the convention center. But it's great thin crust, wood oven pizza. The Margherita on it's own is good and even "basics" like their sausage pizza are a few steps above basic.

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          Thanks Harvest sounds good but we will try Marcellas since its a short walk and we probably won't want to take a cab that night.

        2. Just got back from Columbus ... here's a rundown:

          We spent most of our time at Short North -- lots of good eats there actually!

          Jeni's -- great ice cream (no surprises there!)

          Marcella's -- okay italian ... reasonable prices, decent pizza although the dough was too soft for my taste (i prefer crispy crust) but their style seems to be more of a flatbread dough.

          Lemongrass -- good asian ... we tried Kooma Sushi but there was a 45 minute wait, then we looked at Sushi Rock but reviews were pretty bad so we decided to skip it ... then we came across Lemongrass and this hit the spot. Didn't win any awards for best sushi, but there are plenty of "pan-asian" choices and the sushi was okay.

          Gordon Biersch -- this was one of the few places open on July 4th, so our choices were limited. Think Houlihans with on-site brewery. Blah food and even the beer was blah (I had a Pilsner and a Heffeweitzen .... they didn't even have an ale other than the dreaded seasonal brew ... oh well).

          Tasi -- loved it!! We went there for breakfast, highly recommended! Great environment, nice service, fresh ingredients.

          Juergens -- We took a cab to German Village one day to check it out and have lunch. Didn't realize it was so residential! We had the cab drop us off at Schmidts because I thought that was central and we could just walk around and find some restaurants to choose from. Didn't feel like sausage for brunch. But we started walking around and only saw houses! Eventually we came across Juergens, a cute little place set up like a German house ... environment was very nice but food was meh. Very cute neighborhood to walk around but you need to realize its 95% residential.

          Thank you for all your recommendations!

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            yeah, except for TASI, which is great, these are some definate misfires. a shame you were so restricted. GB is the meh HEARTLAND BREWERY of columbus lol!