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Jun 26, 2013 02:01 PM

Where to eat en route to DTE Energy Theater? [Detroit Area]

I am heading to a concert at DTE coming up and am looking for a place to go beforehand. I'm driving up from Ann Arbor, so I'll like go up 23 for a bit and then cut across around 59 - I am willing to take a slight detour for a good food spot though.

My initial idea was to go to The Root in White Lake but they are closed on Sundays. I am looking for anything from a taco stand to a nice farm-to-table restaurant like The Root.

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    1. Not too far from The Root is Jeremy. Sundays are fun. The bar opens at 5pm and it has a special Sunday/bar menu.

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        I love this suggestion. Everybody knows that I've a massive fan of the filet mignon sandwich at Jeremy, but Sunday is certainly a bit more casual/accessible with their special menu that day. I can state with certainty that the burger at Jeremy is also very, very good (according to my girlfriend Donna).

        Anymore, though? I get that silly filet mignon sandwich every time I go. That silly little thing *owns* me. It''s just *wrong*. And oh-so-right.

      2. Too bad the root is closed.
        In Clarkston are the Union and the Woodshop. Both can get busy.
        Also, just up the road from DTE, is a Mexican place called Jalepeno's. I haven't been, but several friends have said the like it.
        Lelli's is a great suggestion, in Auburn Hills.

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          Do *not* do Jalapeno's. I used to be a customer of theirs but the quality has gone down so very far that I just can't go back anymore. It was never anything really terrific, but when the ownership change happened, it went way, way downhill. If I'm wanting Mexican and I'm near there, Carnival Market will fit the bill far, far better. In fact, Carnival Market would be an incredibly cheap alternative if you're in the mood for some far-better-than-average Mexican food.

          I'm a fan of the Woodshop (moreso than the Union, even though they're owned by the same people), but the waiting time for a table can be ridiculously prohibitive. It really isn't their fault, mind you...there just aren't that many places up this way that do as good a job as they do. That being said, a two-hour wait will never be acceptable to me, under any circumstance.

          I need to get back to Lelli's. If you do go there (and I wouldn't steer you away from them at all; it's a great suggestion!), *be absolutely sure* to get the fantastic minestrone soup. It really is the best I've ever had by at least a full letter grade or two. Not to be missed.

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            This is a terrible thing to say. But, after Lelli's offered a couple deep groupon discounts, I have a hard time going there and paying full price. Unfair, I know.

            1. re: VTB

              I don't think that it's *terribly* unfair, VTB. It's definitely high-end Italian (i.e. quite pricey), and even that oh-so-wonderful minestrone I spoke of is pretty expensive. Still, for a special occasion? And if you're in the mood for high end Italian? This place would be worth the splurge to me.

              On a related note, for my lunch at Giovanni's yesterday, I had the linguine with bolognese sauce, which as always is incredible. I never realized that at lunch, it's only $12, served with bread and choice of soup or salad. Worth every penny, and it allowed me to splurge and get the tiramisu I so love. Comparatively speaking, at $8, it's a bill inflater (from $12 to $20 just like *SNAP* that), but they do things so well there, and I don't indulge there that often. I can't say it wasn't worth it. It was.

            2. re: boagman

              Thanks for the jalapeno feedback. Saves me the trouble. Weird I've had 2 seperate groups of friends recommend the place. But I can't see either of those friends heading to Carnival - they'll never know what they are missing.

              Also, I think you know there are days of the week that you can get into the Woodshop with no wait. I am not sure about Sundays. They certainly line up waiting for the noon opening on the weekends.