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Jun 26, 2013 01:39 PM

OddFellows Ice cream Williamsburg

175 Kent Ave between n3st. and n4st.
Dave Cook mentioned this place in his blog.
I would recommend having the ice cream with their house cones.
The counter woman greeted us with a suggestion that we taste some flavors. I tried sweet cream, cornbread, toasted almond coffee bean, mint chocolate, and Manchego pineapple (such a welcome break from Parmesan garlic brickle). The toasted almond had chocolate covered coffee beans mixed in and was a bit like an intensely expressoed Jamoca Almond from Friendly's. Due to eating Chicken and Ginger Red Curry for lunch I stayed with Vanilla and the sweet cream.
All flavors were successful with me but the corn meal which might be a bit cereal milk for me.

If you missed brunch there is a sundae of cornbread ice cream with blueberry compote and bacon flavored whipped cream.

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  1. I've been a couple of times. I like their attempts at combining unusual flavors but find most things to be a bit sweet for my taste. Grapefruit jalapeno sorbet for instance was a successful marriage but too sweet to eat more than a couple of bites. Others might feel differently.

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    1. re: Peter Cuce

      The sweetness level varies depending on the flavor cornmeal very high, sweet cream and mint less so, but all are on the very high side.
      While I have you, did you write concerning the wall menu at Sheng Wang?

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        I could not agree more regarding the overwhelming sweetness of flavors here. i sampled several creative sounding flavors and can't remember any of them because nothing distinguished them apart. the only one i liked was a strawberry-lavender sorbet which balanced the 2 flavors really well. my son got liked their caramel-chorizo flavor, but i was very turned off again by the sweetness--there was no buttery, caramely taste whatsover; just sugar. and the chorizo... i am sorry but it just doesn't belong in ice cream. they seem to be trying too hard and they aren't delivering.

        the standard for me in terms of a creative ice cream flavor that delivers is ample hill's salted crack caramel and they did a limited edition beer flavor with honeycomb in honor of obama that was amazing!

      2. I remember the cornbread ice cream from when he was serving it at wd~50. While that preparation involved many other flavors and textures (most notably a cornbread dirt or whatever they were calling it back then), the cornbread ice cream here definitely brought back memories of that meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was definitely sweet, but not as sweet as some other places. (I personally find Ample Hills to be much sweeter, but to be honest I haven't been there in several months.)

        Oh, the strawberry-lavender sorbet was quite tasty as well. Not as exciting to me as the cornbread ice cream, but then again it didn't have the history.

        It's also a very cute space in an new/old soda shoppe kind of way, and a surprisingly friendly staff for that neck of the woods. (There was an epic peek-a-boo session between one of the managers and my 2-year-old.)

        1. Lambretta,interesting that you find Ample Hills overly sweet... I confess that I almost never deviate from the salted crack caramel flavor when I am there and when I do, I tend to regret it.. but it is usually because the other flavor I choose turns out to be less distinctive--I have never noticed an overwhelming sweetness-- and I am extremely sensitive to that, forgoing sugar in both coffee and tea...

          I did not try the famed cornbread flavor @ Odd Fellows so can't comment on that, but aside from the aforementioned yummy strawberry-lavender, I could not get past the sweetness in everything I tried. I did think the ice cream was super creamy which I appreciated.

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          1. re: brooklynsabra

            Yeah me too. I generally find Ample Hills to be too sweet. There aren't that many ice creams that I enjoy. Gelato at La Maison du Chocolat is good. And Laduree. Sometimes Van Leeuwen, but it depends on the flavor.

            1. re: Peter Cuce

              Van Leeuwen, and I don't know if this is limited to the location I visit off of Smith St., has amazing flavors but I always find the ice cream to have too much "crystallization", for a lack of a better term. In essence, it seems to have superfine, but crunchy, ice crystals evenly dispersed throughout. I find their strawberry to have an amazing flavor but I've never liked the texture. Almost seems like the freezer is busted to me, but it's been that way for years.

              And to discuss a texture I do like, the sorbets at Caramello in Park Slope are beyond smooth and creamy (despite being dairy free). I like their gelato, I adore their sorbetto, particularly the watermelon. (Sorry to go off topic, but they're doing non-dairy without the crystallization that I get at Van Leeuwen.)

              1. re: lambretta76

                Ice cream is a wide welcoming topic. Add add add

          2. The best flavor I've had at Oddfellows so far is the Miso Cherry Butterscotch. Sweet and a little salty. It was really delicious.

            1. We, like apparently everyone else today (heat wave and all), were craving ice cream. We made our first visit to Odd Fellows and got the lemon honey ginger and maple bacon pecan. Both were very, very good. I thought the lemon honey ginger was a touch too sweet for my tastes (but my husband thought it just fine). I am the kind of person who likes a lot of stuff in her ice cream, and really enjoyed both flavors. Nice textures and brightness. Would definitely return!