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Jun 26, 2013 01:23 PM

restaurant near orpheum theater

going to the orpheum tonight and need a good place to eat beforehand. not too expensive!

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  1. Umamicatssen is right next door.

    Wood Spoon and their Brazilian chicken pot pie is a short walk.

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      I went to Wood Spoon recently and really enjoyed it. Also, a Terroni is opening over there, it might already be open.

    2. I asked this same question a few weeks when we went to one of the Last Remaining Seats screenings there. We went to the New Moon Chinese restaurant around the corner on 9th st. Great food, upscale ambiance, not too expensive, and you can be in and out in well under an hour if you have a performance to catch.

      New Moon

      102 W 9th St Los Angeles, CA 90015

      1. New Moon is only open for dinner Thurs-Sat.

        Wood Spoon, Tiara Cafe, Pattern Bar, Colori Kitchen (the one on 8th near Olive is open for dinner) are my recommendations