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Jun 26, 2013 01:01 PM

Hlelp. Midpriced restaurant near Highline Ballroom (16th st bet 9-10 avenue)

Thank you to the people who responded previously. The suggestions to Colicchio and the other place were more than we wanted to spend. They are great restaurants. It was my error. Is there a restautant that is good and little more reasonably priced in the area. I am open as to the type of food. It will be Saturday evening aound 5pm
thank you

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  1. It would be helpful to know exactly how much you're budgeting for food per person before drinks, tax and tip. The Tap Room at Colicchio and Sons reasonably priced by most standards (especially for New York City) and within the range of other restaurants in the area.

    Within 10 blocks you could try Chop Shop, Omai, Co. pizza, or Grand Sichuan. You can also get sandwiches and other snacks at Chelsea Market nearby.

    1. Tia Pol
      The Half King
      Hybird in Chelsea Market and other options in there.
      Standard Grill is reasonable during lunch...not sure about dinners.
      Tavern on Jane (a little walk away)
      Trestle on Tenth (probably too high, but their Rocket Pig project next door might work if it's before 7pm, and you eat on the Highline itself)
      Scarpetta (same, probably too pricey)
      Rana (same as above, pastas are $25)

      1. I was hoping for under $100 for two.

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          Check out Willow Road, right next to Colicchio & Sons

          They open at 5:30 - the fried chicken is delicious.