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Jun 26, 2013 12:50 PM

LAX area Dining

My friend has a very long layover at LAX. I want to take her for a long and leisurely lunch somewhere in the vicinity. Prefer a place that is on the quiet side and serves alcohol. Cost is not an issue. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    1. Petros for Upscale Greek with a nice patio or Fishing with Dynamite for seafood. MB Post (and their great small plates) serves lunch only on Fridays and brunch (a little noisier) on both Saturday & Sundays. All in Manhattan Beach, 3 miles from LAX.

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        If you want to try something brand new Little Sister with dishes that blend French technique, Dutch and British influences and Southeast Asian spices and flavors will open in Manhattan Beach this July.

      2. I would recommend Cafe Del Rey in the Marina. It's quiet, serves alcohol, nice scenic view of the Marina and good food.

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        1. re: Ogawak

          thank you for all of the suggestions. Cafe Del Rey gets the reservation for two.

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            You made the right choice. No contest.


            Nice, clean, friendly staff, walking distance to LAX.

            Beer varietals. Good value & Good food.

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              I tried to like Chalet Edelweiss but found the food less than good. Went twice.

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                Hi Baron -

                Looking at your post history, I see you eat well.


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                  I didn't think much of it either. I had some very good meals when they first opened, but the last two visits were dismal. On the most recent I was with someone Swiss and he verged on outrage at the meal.

              2. concur with ogawak's recommendation of cafe del rey.
                in addition to the reason s/he lists:
                1) they are open continuously between lunch and dinner
                2) they have an attended parking lot in front of the restaurant in case you feel like leaving luggage in the car.
                3) the service there is top notch all the way around
                4) the wine list is good both by the bottle and by the glass
                5) every table has a good view
                6) if they are not jammed they will be happy to let you have a 4 top for a party of two.
                7) you can take a nice stroll around the boat docks while leaving your car in their lot (be sure to alert the parking attendant that you are doing this)
                8) they will not rush you.