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Jun 26, 2013 12:39 PM

What's for Dinner #228 - It's Too Darn Hot, Part 1 [Through Jun 29, 2013]

Predictably, we're only 6 days into summer, and people are already grumbling about the heat. With a new puppy whose name should really be Houdini since she's a real escape artist, we've had to keep the doors to the kitchen closed to keep her with us. The kitchen has turned into a furnace, so meals with little or no indoor cooking have been the order of the day.

Tonight, we will have a grilled tri-tip over a lemony arugula salad. No cooking inside at all! Now, that's my kind of summer meal! What summer meals are you cooking for dinner?

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  1. Thanks to linguafood, I'll be having a proper souvlaki pork chop tonight with tzatziki, green salad with Sriracha buttermilk dressing and an sumac shallot salad. I start a four-day weekend tomorrow so I imagine dessert will be had at the cocktail lounge down the way. There aren't many Wednesday nights that I can have a mezcal old fashioned without paying the price the next morning.

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    1. re: JungMann

      That sounds like a top dinner and I'm always excited by the prospect of cocktails.

      1. re: JungMann

        Oh, I do like the idea of Sriracha buttermilk dressing for a gree salad, JM!

        1. Roxlet, your dinner sounds very nice and summery and something tells me that your new little pal will be getting a tiny nibble of that tri-tip ;)
          My kitchen is also shuttered this evening as pap and and I have an appointment to look at a few houses. We don't plan to buy until after the winter holidays, but I need to look around to see what the options are and think about already standing vs. building, etc...
          So... dinner will be out at a local Afghan place. They have tons of skewered meats that I'm sure pap will enjoy, and I'll probably select something a little more adventurous. Mangator has a dinner meeting, so it's just a party of 2.

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          1. re: alliegator

            You pap seems to be fitting in and keeping up very well. And afghan food. What a great eater he is.

            1. re: alliegator

              Glad your pap is settling in Allie.

              1. re: foodieX2

                Thank you both, ladies. I'm almost dumbfounded to watch him adjust with such ease and continue to have such a positive attitude.
                I'd better go see what really is in all those little pill bottles ;p

                1. re: alliegator

                  Lemme know. I could use some meds for an "adjustment" now and again. Seriously, it must be nice to be around family rather than an assisted facility. Those places can be such a downer. I would come around real quick if ya sprung me from the joint too.

                  1. re: suzigirl

                    Well, just seems to be typical old people stuff. When I need an adjustment, I find a tasty beverage generally does the trick!
                    But yeah, though his facility was "nice" getting him out occupied damned near my every thought until it happened.
                    And Afghan food! He's trying new things and liking them. Can't wait to get him to the Thai joint!

                    1. re: alliegator

                      I want to borrow him. He sounds like a real treat to have around

                        1. re: alliegator

                          Can I sweeten the deal and tell him I am five minutes from the beach? And downtown and Thai and theaters and.....

                          1. re: suzigirl

                            "Can I sweeten the deal and tell him I am five minutes from the beach? And downtown and Thai and theaters and....."

                            With that in mind, if Allie's Pap is not available for adoption, I sure am, suzigirl!!!! I will even set the table AND do the dishes. :-)

                    2. re: suzigirl

                      Me too, when you get a hold of the pills, can I have a few?

                      1. re: fldhkybnva

                        I meant having pap hang out with me. :-)

                        1. re: suzigirl

                          Oh, haha, that too! I'd be up for that party. Clearly I have pills on the mind...I'm feeling a little loopy these days. My favorite state of delirium when I giggle at random things and sing a lot :) I would love my grandmother to come hang out with me for a week, month or forever, she's a wonderful lady and incredibly fun and energetic for 84 years old.

                    3. re: alliegator

                      It sounds like you guys are having a great time together.

                      1. re: alliegator

                        " I'm almost dumbfounded to watch him adjust with such ease and continue to have such a positive attitude."

                        I suspect being around you helps his emotional state enormously. Well that and the good food and free beer at Chez Alliegator. :-)

                        1. re: alliegator

                          Well, unfortunately he is not up for adoption. I think I'll keep him. I also have no pills of any interest to sell off. And that would be kinda not legal, hehe...
                          Thanks all for the kind words. Fowler, I don't know if everyone would agree that being around me is good for their emotional state, but it's nice to hear.
                          He's excited for dinner after the house hunting to commence soon. He's even learned enough to ask if they have saffron rice. O_o Whoa.

                    4. Can I play too? I've been reading the WFD threads for ages, but have never contributed. You are all so inspiring, encouraging, and nice to each other I wanted to join.

                      It's hot and humid in Central New York, so grilling is on my agenda as well. I'm planning on making chicken fajitas with red and green peppers (in the crisper, need using up) and onions. On the side will be my corn and black bean salad. We have a friend of mine coming over who drinks us out of house and home, so a trip to the liquor store for some wine is in order once I leave work.

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                      1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                        Welcome Lud!!!!

                        Dinner sounds great, love a corn and black bean salad!

                        1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                          Nice to have you here. I love some good chicken fajitas. Yum, yum

                          1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                            Welcome! And dinner sounds fab, I love me a fajita. And a stop at the liquor store is never a bad idea :)

                            1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                              My uncle used to drink us out of house and home too, despite him saying that he didn't drink!

                              1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                Thanks for joining us -- and dinner sounds terrific!

                                1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                  Welcome, ludmilaD! Love the sound of your fajitas - and enjoy the Hump Day wine - I am! LOL

                                  1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                    Welcome! Of course you can play too and we're all happy to have you. Your dinner sounds great, love love fajitas!

                                    1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                      that sounds so good. I haven't been able to find very sweet corn yet.

                                      1. re: samuraisam

                                        Ours isn't ready yet in my neck of the woods either, so I used canned. Not as good as fresh, but works in a pinch.

                                      2. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                        glad you decided to come in finally! looking forward to hearing about your dinners.

                                        1. re: ludmilasdaughter

                                          "You are all so inspiring, encouraging, and nice to each other I wanted to join"

                                          Welcome and thanks for diving in, The WFD threads are to me like a big dinner table where friends sit down to eat, discuss food and chat in the most friendly way about their day. If something good happened we congratulate them and if something not so good happened we share their pain and give them an over the internet hug of support.

                                          1. re: Fowler

                                            Thank you everyone for the kind welcome! I'm so glad I joined. Dinner was very good if I do say so myself, and my friend actually brought a bottle of wine with him. My husband and I were both shocked.

                                        2. Sweet "Houdini" just knew you wanted out of the kitchen, lol!

                                          Dinner tonight is leftovers from last nights book club-lemon/basil orzo, grilled chicken and asparagus.

                                          1. Making TK's simple roast chicken with baked potatoes (skins rubbed with olive oil & sea salt) and carrots. Not exactly cool summer eats, but hungry soccer boys and running mama need a hearty meal. For dessert ghiradelli chocolate chip cookies I made this afternoon with ice cream.

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                                            1. re: sunangelmb

                                              Hello to my long-lost twin! I made Ina's 'Perfect Roasted Chicken,' a baked potato, and roasted carrots. I agree - not exactly summer eats, but it's too hot outside to grill. I need my AC!

                                              1. re: KrumTx

                                                That's just what I did, pumped the AC. The oldest boy is crazy about steamed carrots, so he had those. I love to roast the suckers instead. Dinner was perfectly delicious, especially after a ver hot wet and humid 10k run. Hope yours was delicious as well.

                                                1. re: sunangelmb

                                                  It amazes me that people run on purpose - without someone chasing them. Good for you! I just used my leftover chicken in an Epicurious recipe for Chicken Curry Salad. Actually looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

                                                  1. re: KrumTx

                                                    What's "chasing" me is my constant desire to stuff my face! I wouldn't run every morning if I wasn't food obsessed, that's for sure!

                                                    1. re: alliegator

                                                      I'm the same way! I run so that I can eat!