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Jun 26, 2013 12:39 PM

Best Croissant I've ever had

Went to Fous Desserts on Laurier near St. Denis on Saturday morning. Was blown away by their croissant. Also had their chocolate version and if possible, it was flakier than their regular one. Highly recommend all croissant lovers to check this place out. Blows every NYC croissant I've had away and I've been to most of the ones that get written up. I just got one at Maison Kayser here in NYC after my Montreal trip and it paled in comparison. Run don't walk to Fous Desserts.

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  1. Do they sell them out of their food truck?

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      1. re: Evilbanana11

        I'm having issues with the food trucks locations. Not user friendly finding out who's where on any other day.

        1. re: maj54us

          yeah, it's not easy. you have to either follow their twitter or their facebook page. i know fous truck (fous desserts truck) is at canal lachine for the week

          1. re: twinkie83

            Complete schedule with locations for all the Montreal Food Trucks here

            On Federal land, down in the Old Port there are a whole set of different food trucks. Details here

      2. I don't believe you. lol lol
        Where they fresh out of the oven ? I will try one pretty soon and post about it.

        1. In New York I like Ceci Cela and Francois Payard for croissants.

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          1. re: marblebag

            I've had croissants at both Ceci Cela and Payard, they pale in comparison to Fous Desserts. Not even remotely in the same ballpark.

            1. re: Fallon

              Did you have them in the afternoon? They don't age as well in the NY weather. The morning croissants from Payard are my favorite in North America.

              I owe moh the discovery of Fous Desserts :(

              1. re: marblebag

                Yes, I've had them in the morning. You're right in saying they don't hold up well in the afternoon, as I've also had them then too and they are pretty bad. They just aren't very flaky and layered even in the morning. I used to get a good croissant in NYC at Chez Laurent on Park somewhere in the 30's but they closed down a few years ago. If you go early to Zabars, they have croissants from France that are decent. But you need to specify and not get their Butter Croissant as it's just a piece of bread shaped like a croissant.

          2. i haven;t had fous desserts but so far, my all time favorite is a warm croissant in the morning from le paltoquet. they are so buttery and soft and flaky and wonderful in so many ways.