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Jun 26, 2013 12:12 PM

Best Food Near Watch Hill RI?

My wife and I are driving up from Brooklyn to stay at the Ocean House in Watch Hill. We're big-time foodies and would love to hear some good reccs for restaurants to seek out while we're there. We have a reservation at Season's (in the hotel) but no other plans. We're open to anything from highbrow fancy to out-of-the-way seafood shacks. Anything super-delicious that we can only get in New England. Thanks!

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  1. This should actually be in the southern / not northern New England site, but....

    It's a small converted home / shack (actually in Pawcatuck, CT), but the best BBQ this side of Woodbridge VA can be found at

    Don't expect much, except for excellent BBQ and sides with very welcoming service. May want to consider take-out and be the envy of everyone at Ocean House.

    At the other side of the spectrum (excellent quality with excellent setting) may want to consider Shelter Harbor Inn -

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      Thanks for the info. Reposting in Southern NE.

    2. Ella's Fine Food & Drink in Westerly, excellent locavore.
      Longo's Meatballs & Martinis, Westerly, self-explanatory Italian
      A little farther afield, Matunuck Oyster Bar, Matunuck RI
      In CT, Oyster Club on the Groton side of Mystic, more excellent locavore.
      Clam & Lobster shacks (I'm only familiar with ones to the west): Sea Swirl, Rt. 1 Mystic, Ct
      Abbott's, Costello's or Ford's Lobster in Noank, Ct
      Cap't Scotts in a more urban setting, New London, CT

      1. We just had dinner at The Weekapaug Inn, the sister inn to the Ocean House. It was wonderful. We like The Weekapaug Inn because it is a little bit more informal than The Ocean House. In Watch HIll we love The Olympia Tea Room. In Westerly Cafe Longo, another restaurant does not have the most interesting atmosphere but the food is good is Guitanno's. In Mystic The Oyster Club is good, Daniel Packer Inn is good, the pub downstairs is charming. A new one we found in Noank is Ford's. Very casual, on a nice day you eat right outside on a marina, great food BYOB. Water Street and Noah's in Stonington. You must have Bomster scallops (Stonington scallops) they are the best and served in a lot of restaurants. Jonathan Edwards vineyard in Stonington is fun to go for a tasting if you like wine.

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          Brilliant web site. Went to Never did find an address. Guess if you don't already know where they are, they don't want you to show up.

        2. I second Alica's Stonington suggestion. The Ocean House had a water taxi/ferry from Watch Hill to Stonington Borough last season, but I'm not sure if they're running it this summer. It's an easy drive if they're not. In addition to Water Street and Noah's, we enjoy Dog Watch at Dobson's boat yard and, on Sunday afternoon, Skipper's Dock for the Charlie Holland band. They're a lot of fun. Be sure to check out downtown Westerly. I'm not of big fan of Longo's. I would recommend having a drink and a small plate at a few of the other places, particularly Malted Barley and Twisted Vine.
          I also second Mr.Dibs Matunuck Oyster Bar suggestion - best seafood in RI. Be sure to go on an off hour unless you're willing to wait.

          1. Two Little Fish, in Misquamicut, is a shack, with good fried seafood. I recently had a lunch plate of fried oysters, a large portion. it is across the street from the ocean. Parking is difficult during the day, as they have just a few spaces in front, but eases up in the evening.when you can park in adjacent lots.
            Ella's is pricey, but really good and difinitely a step up from many restaurants around. Shelter Harbor Inn is lovely ( near Charlestown border). We love Matunuck Oyster Bar, with it's outdoor seating overlooking a cove, but expect a long wait. One of our favorite joints is Ocean Mist, a friendly beach bar in Matunuck with good food,( some is Mexican inspired, but there are other items as well - check out the menu online). There is a deck with an outside bar and a few tables that hangs virtually over the ocean, at high tide, and local bands play almost nightly. They have great breakfasts, but expect to wait for an outside table unless you time it right. We really love this place.

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              Just went to Ella's and it was probably one of the best restaurant meals I have had in a while. We had Duck, Scallops, Sea Bass and "Mom's Chicken." Everything was seasonal and organic. Yes, a bit pricey, but not for the kind of food you get and the portions are quite generous too. We even ended up getting dessert after swearing not to just because I had to try the "Corn Ice Cream" with rhubarb tart special. When eaten together the ice cream tasted like butter. Really interesting.

              Decent wine list with some reasonably priced selections. Highly recommend this place.