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Jun 26, 2013 12:00 PM

What are you baking these days? June/July 2013 edition (Through 7/31/13)

The June thread took off like a rocket, and we have almost 400 posts...not sure why June would be so big when the cooler months were not very. Oh well, rather like me always wanting ice cream in the winter.
I'll be baking for my mother-in-law's BIG birthday celebrations in a few days, cakes and I'm not sure what else. What's in your oven or on your baking schedule?

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  1. Made ghiradelli chocolate chip cookie today, to be turned into ice cream sandwiches after dinner.

    1. I made Jacques Torres' chocolate chip cookies, but needed a salty fix, so I added pretzels.

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      1. Not baking much this month, since we're moving, but in baking news, my stand mixer no longer lives under the bed! First thing I put together in the apartment was a kitchen cart (a wood one from Ikea) and put my mixing bowls, rolling pin, and the stand mixer. I've got about half the kitchen moved in, and will finish this weekend and then bake something in my new, never been used oven!

        1. I was on a cookie binge earlier this year for a group I was in. I made oatmeal raisin, peanut butter bacon, double chocolate and some good ones I found on the Whole Foods Site that weren't touted as Vegan - but they were (and good, too). My next . . . for summer . . . "Pink Lemonade". I saw a box at the store and got inspired. I 'usually' cook healthy, but once in a while (hence the peanut butter bacon). I came online tonight to peek around about these. I will start a new post. But that's my next baking!

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            Please, I must have the Peanut Butter Bacon Recipe please!

          2. I made Nanaimo Bars! My first time, they came out great!

            I wasn't intending on making them. I had two cookouts to go to last weekend, and I saw this great recipe online for Raspberry Lemonade Bars, so I thought perfect! Cool, refreshing, citrusy! I'll make them for both cookouts.


            Made them first on Saturday. But because it was so hot out the confectioner's sugar melted into the bars and they looked murky. Not appetizing at all.

            So forget it, I wasn't going to make them on Sunday. So I tried to find a recipe online I could make with ingredients I had on hand and voila, there were the Nanaimo Bars. I had read about them on Chowhound, so figured they'd be good. It was a great way to use up some of that Bird's Custard Powder I've had on hand for a long time.


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              Canada Day is coming, after all (July 1).

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                Sheesh, I didn't even know that, guess I l'll have to make them again! They're definitely a crowd pleaser.