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Jun 26, 2013 11:41 AM

Going back to Houston -- advise requested

Last year I went to Houston for the first time ever. I had dinner at Underbelly, Reef, Feast and Hawthorne. All were good. I was sorry to hear that Feast and Hawthorne closed.

Now I'm coming back! I will be staying at the Springhill Suites - Medical Center on Old Spanish Trail. I Ill not have a car, but they have a shuttle that will take you a 3 mile radius. I'm on a limited budget of $60 a day for food -- but I spend that mostly on dinner.

I have been making a list of dinner choices -- which is far too long for the 4 nights I will have in town. Right now my list includes:
Eleven XI
Vinoteca Poscol 4.7 miles – Sunday roast suckling pig
Kata Robata (I can use bus 18)
Provisions (I can use bus 18)
Benjy’s (Rice Village) -- hotel transport can take me
Reef 2600 Travis @ McGowen
Hugo’s (Mexican)
Cloud 10 Creamery – 3 miles away for dessert
Mi Luna (tapas and happy hour) *
Beaucoup Bar and Grill (2 miles) crawfish bread
Batenga – Sunday supper suckling pig - take light rail
Brennan’s 777 happy hour
Sparrow Bar
Del Frisco – steak special
Line and Lariat – too far unless I take the light rail

At the top of the list right now are Provisions, Kata Robata and Benjy's. What do you think? What should I add as my 4th choice?

Thanks for the help!

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  1. My top picks on the list would be Vinoteca Poscol, Kata Robata, Provisions, Uchi, Hugo's, and Brennan's. I personally do not love Benjy's--have been there several times and it is fine, but not destination-worthy, in my opinion, although maybe someone else has had a better experience than I have.

    1. Wow, you are quite the researcher! I've been wanting to try Brennan's 777 happy hour since I read of it. I don't know what I would add, since I haven't been to any of these places (how did that happen?), but I've heard mouth watering things about Batenga in general.

      1. I'm just jealous of the itinerary! Enjoy, and please give us a report back.

        1. Thanks for the advice. I changed my plans slightly. As of now I am eating at Provisions, Kata Robata, Batenga and Vinoteca Poscol. I am hoping that Vinoteca Poscol won't be a problem -- since they don't take reservations for parties smaller than 6 and I will be dining solo. I am planning on going there on Sunday night -- and it will probably be on the early side.

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