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Jun 26, 2013 11:33 AM

Nick's Pizza in Oaktown now serving breakfast

Stopped by Nick's this morning -- they are now open at 8am with some stellar-looking pastries. A large selection goodies that looked all too appealing. I opted for the apricot frangiapane -- very fresh apricots, nice flakey pastry, not too sweet.

This place is a winner, no doubt. Possibly among the best East Bay pastry. Coffee "brewed in bulk", but it's a tasty brew. And easy parking -- for now...

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  1. ps - located in North Oakland, on Shattuck Ave. near Alcatraz

    1. Also open for lunch--great news!

      1. the pizza is better than amazona's -- best pizza in oakland for delivery as of right now

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        1. re: hungree

          Better than Amazona's- damning with faint praise?

          I've not been to either but Amazona's leaves fliers on my porch and it looks like too much cheese, overtopped and overly doughy is the norm there.

          1. re: Pius Avocado III

            i stand by what i said. i personally can't stand amazonas due to the high sodium content, but can't think of any other delivery place in oakland to compare Nick's with

        2. I must admit I have not heard of Nick's Pizza. Went to the website and noticed the "Call in Special : The Family Combo. Order the Family Combo and Save Big!"

          The "special" has a "discounted" price of $55 and only works out to be any type of discount if you order the clam or meatball pizza. Any other pizza and the "special" price is more expensive than the regular price. I guess Nick's caters to the mathematically impaired.

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            The special is the clam pizza ($28), classic cheese ($20), large green salad ($5), and four cookies ($7), total $60, so $5 off.


            I tried it one night when they were giving away free food, pizza and salad were both good, would definitely get delivery from them.


          2. I finally made it over there for some lunch slices. They were really good; think of Cheese Board crust (sourdough, but cooked more thoroughly than CB's) with a New York-style sauce, a little more garlicky, and just enough cheese. Up there with the best slices in the EB.