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Group brunch (10 people) July 4th - Upper West Side

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We are looking to make a reservation somewhere on the UWS for a brunch on july 4th, but running into some trouble given its a holiday but also weekday.

time-frame is a bit flexible, mid-morning to mid-day (if a place opened at 11 i think that would be just fine).

UWS meaning anywhere from columbus circle up to the 80s i suppose.

costs - keeping it at or under 20/pp would be ideal (before t/t)

Landmarc in the TWC is an option (they have an available reservation, prices are ok for us) but the menu is a bit boring. food-wise were open but will need vegetarian options for a few people and I, as an organizer, would prefer something a bit more interesting than typical breakfast fare.

Ditch plains doesnt open until 4pm on weekdays or it would probably be my first choice (i called to see if they were maybe open longer hours due to the holiday but there was no one there, so ill try back).

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  1. Have you considered The Smith?

    1. Sarabeth's Kitchen is at Amsterdam and 80th St. I can't tell from the website if it's closed on July 4, but it is otherwise open every day of the week starting at 8 a.m.

      Here's a link to the menu on a weekday for breakfast/lunch:


      1. Give Nice Matin a call, too.

        1. Telepan has a great brunch but not sure if it is applicable for July 4th. You could call to make sure.

          1. Ocean Grill - and you can reserve! Not sure if they would be offering a brunch menu or just lunch.