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Jun 26, 2013 08:45 AM

Downtown Philly for the Day (Lunch/Dinner)

Hey, I will be in Philadelphia for the day this upcoming weekend. Looking for good recommendations for lunch and dinner on a modest budget. Cuisine type does not particularly matter as I pretty much love all food but we can weed out Italian, Indian, and delis as I've had my fill of that lately.


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  1. I would consider Reading Terminal Market for lunch, especially a roast pork sandwich (with rabe and provolone, wet) at DiNic's. It will run you a little over $10 and you will have lots of options for dessert in the Market including ice cream at Bassett's, soft pretzels at Miller's Twist, chocolate peanut butter covered pretzels from Mueller's, a cannoli get the picture.

    And speaking of donuts, Federal Donuts (another lunch option) has some good ones to choose from along with fried chicken. Their donuts (some of them) are delicious but have not foud the chicken to be all that enthralling.

    What's your dinner budget? There are relatively cheap bars that serve decent food (like Good Dog) or you could spring for a pizza at some place like Zavino.

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      I would also throw in one of the unique restaurants in Philadelphia ... Rangoon. It is Burmese food, a bit of a combination of indian and chinese. While I know you mentioned you have had your fill of indian lately, this is a type of cuisine you would not find elsewhere.

      Another place you might consider is Mama's Vegetarian. It is a kosher restaurant serving some fantastic Falafel and other Israeli food. Closed on Saturdays.

      1. re: cwdonald

        I ended up going to Tony Luke's for lunch and Rangoon for dinner. I had had Burmese food in San Francisco and wasn't all that inspired but Rangoon definitely surpassed my expectations. I ordered the North Burmese Noodles which had some heat but not overpowering, Chicken Keema which kind of tasted like chicken chili (tomato, tons of chili powder, minced chicken, and potatoes in place of rice), and Coconut Curry Chicken which was not their spicy option and I was impressed by the balance. All in all the keema was hands down my least favorite and pretty different from an Indian equivalent of keema. Overall it was a great meal, affordable, and negated my previous negative assumptions about Burmese food.

        Thanks for always surprising fellow hounds!

    2. I know you said no Italian, but it would be folly to not have a sandwich from Paesano's. $7 or $8 per sandwich, and completely delicious. Also, they are not your average hoagies -

      1. Is there any particular part of the city you will be in? That would make it easier to make recommendations. It's a big city with hundreds of good choices.

        1. If you will be downtown for lunch, I'd recommend the Corner Foodery on Sansom. In particular, the sardine sandwich is amazing.

          And then you can walk a few doors down for a donut from Federal Donuts for dessert!