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Jun 26, 2013 07:56 AM

Ulimate Seattle Restaurant

Where is the one place you would tell someone visiting from out of town they must try?

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  1. To me, it depends upon the people visiting and where they are coming from. Many people will be happy with heading to Pike Place and hitting up the options in and around there. When I think of Seattle, I believe that one quality should be that the place has been around long enough to impact other restaurants. There are a bunch of places which fit that bill in all types of food.

    1. Walrus & Carpenter. Showcases extremely fresh, local seafood & other products; simple preparations let the ingredients shine. The atmosphere is hip without being too precious, and I find it inviting despite the bustle. It's the one place I have my heart set on going whenever I visit, and the first place that comes to mind whenever anyone asks for a recommendation (assuming it's in the requested price range).

      1. The true answer is that it depends where the visitor is coming from.

        Here is my (mildly dated) case for Sitka & Spruce as the "quintessential Seattle" restaurant.

        It has its detractors of course.

        1. Give Book Bindery a try.