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Jun 26, 2013 05:02 AM

Excellent Brunch in Boston?? (not american style)

Hi all,
looking for a very nice brunch/breakfast in the city.
not looking for american style (pancakes/waffles/english muffin), but something a bit more unusual.
For a weekday.


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  1. Are you looking for something with waiter service, or ordering at a counter? Boston proper or are you flexible?

    Sofra has amazing breakfast - it's in Cambridge/Watertown and you order at the counter, but I couldn't recommend it more highly.

    Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge also has a more atypical menu. Don't expect any bacon though!

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    1. re: addiez

      Hi, thanks!

      Waiter service is preferred, and a nice atmosphere would be a great bonus.

      Not looking for Bacon,
      looking for nice surprising variety, and not the usual stuff (omlette, waffle)...

    2. Family restaurant in Brookline Village serves Turkish breakfast, meza style.

        1. re: Taralli

          i really like istanbulu but they start serving at 11 so it works only if you're planning brunch for a weekday after 11 and they are closed on Tuesdays.

          1. finally we went to "eastern standard" and had their breakfast.

            they serve it on weekdays until 10:30.

            the Eggs Benedict were OK.
            the cappuccino was mediocre.

            wouldn't go back.