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Jun 26, 2013 04:40 AM

ISO Feedback on Simple Human Dish Racks

I bought the Simple Human Slim Dish Rack and was dismayed to find two broken pieces when I opened the box. My observation is that this is a case where minimal, eco-friendly packaging was not sufficient to protect hard plastic pieces in transit.

I called Simple Human and asked them to send me replacement pieces, which they agreed to do. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong pieces. I've requested a "do over" and am waiting to hear their response.

My question is this -- are my initial problems with the product and with Simple Human's customer service typical of the brand? In other words, is clever design winning out over quality? I know the piece comes with a five-year warranty against rust, but, at these prices, I want to make sure the components will hold up over time.

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  1. Bought one at Costco several (5-6?) years ago. Still looks great and held up well.

    1. Hi. I've had two. One came with a broken cutlery hopper and we simple exchanged it for a new one at the store. Both have held up fine, but I tend to switch out dish racks frequently because I've never found one that i like.

      1. It's been about six months since I got this dish rack and I loathe it. The design and quality are terrible. The cup holder doesn't stay clipped to the frame of the dish rack and the bamboo top of the knife holder is blistering. As the name indicates, this item really is a dish rack, not a drying rack, meaning it's good for plates that fit in the slots in the middle but it's not good for smaller items like measuring cups that are small enough that they come careening out from under the frame and back into the sink where they need to be washed again. It's only a matter of time until a flying object breaks something that's in the sink. Larger items like skillets cause the rack to flip over and/or slip because the grooves in the drainer are too shallow. The only positive thing about this dish rack is its size; it does have a relatively small footprint.