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Jun 26, 2013 04:23 AM

Treasure hunting in the freezer

Mrs. Potato goes to visit her mother after work on Wednesdays so she takes her supper with her and heats it up at the office. So I was rummaging through the freezer to see if there was anything there that she could take when I came across two servings of a wonderful lasagna that I made about a month ago. I thought that we had finished it off but was pleasantly surprised and I am SSOOO looking forward to supper tonight!!

So what forgotten treasures have you found buried in the freezer?

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  1. Last BIG treasure hunt was several years ago when original fridge/freezer DIED! Was lucky to discover problem before stuff in freezer thawed AND had neighbor with room in spare freezer for the "good" stuff. Found many "mystery meals"... some went to dogs & others were fine.

    Found a Foodsaver at a yard sale a few years ago. Now just about everything that goes in freezer gets vac sealed first... no freezer burn, and can stay frozen for a LONG time.

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      Check out the "webrestaurantstore" ........qt vaccustrip bags for about .18 cents .......I buy 300 at a time.

    2. I cook and then freeze in 1 - 2 serving containers all the time. Yesterday I discovered some 6 month old beef stew from a batch I thought I had finished off a while ago. I was a little skeptical about freezer burn, but I ate it for dinner last night and it was quite good. Also unearthed some turkey chili that's only 4 months old - that'll get thawed next week.

      1. Leftovers often find their way into the freezer.

        I am a committed labeller of things that go in. My partner isnt - which leads to interesting defrosting experiences from time to time.

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          yes, I'm pretty good about labelling but sometimes I slip up. Recently defrosted what i thought was a grilled chicken breast but turned out to be a pork chop, which makes for an interesting salad topping. And then there was a random red sauce that I never did identify.

          1. re: cookie monster

            I've found if you cut off the freezer-burned part, the rest is quite edible.

        2. Leftovers, if they were frozen set up as a dinner. Just when you are sick of looking at something, freeze it ready to be a dinner (example, leftover Thanksgiving stuffing with turkey slices and gravy on top). When you find it two months later, hallelujah.

          1. I keep an inventory so there aren't too many surprises in my freezer, but when I first moved in with the SO, I was pleased to find some venison steaks vacuum sealed in there. A welcome surprise amongst all his crap processed frozen food that was burying them.