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Jun 25, 2013 10:20 PM

food tour or crawl ideas needed

I have asked many questions regarding my upcoming trip to New York . I hate to ask more questions but I was considering an international type of food tour, and a dessert tour but with all the suggestions on great pastry and coffee shops.. I really don't need the dessert tour. I need to just mapquest the suggested places and make an afternoon of it. As for the international type tour ..I was hoping I could get some suggestions. It would be just my older son and I. I was Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Food trucks, hole in the wall, eat as we walk is fine. Just want to experience something we do not have the opportunity to experience here in Kansas city. I should mention that I am already planning to do RGR LES tour.

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  1. I forgot to mention I cannot eat shell fish

    1. For an Asian food tour in the LES/East Village you could do:

      Pok Pok Phat Thai
      Yunnan Kitchen
      Prosperity Dumpling
      Pig & Khao
      Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya
      Zabb Elee

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        Other places are: ( not sure what is mentioned in RGR's Tour)
        Porchetta ( EV) pork sandwich
        Num Peng ( Village) Cambodian Sandwiches
        Nicky's Vietnam Sandwiches ( EV)
        Katz's (LES) NY Jewish Deli
        Nush Nosh (Tribeca) Yemenite Israeli falafel etc
        Aamanns-Copenhagen (Tribeca) Danish
        Mooncake ( SoHo) Asian
        Japadog ( EV) Japanese style hotdogs
        Misoya ( EV) Ramen shop
        Kuma Inn (LES) Filipino/Vietnamese/Thai/Chinese
        Maharlika ( EV) Modern Filipino
        Yokocho ( EV) Japanese yakatori
        Caracas Arepa Bar (EV)
        Meatball Shoppe (LES)
        Chikalicious (dessert) (EV)
        Terroir ( Tribeca) wine bar, little dishes
        Landbrot ( WV) brat
        Casa Mono ( Gramercy) tapas
        Ceci Cela ( SoHo)dessert
        Tortaria ( Village) Mexican sandwich
        Golden Unicorn ( Chinatown) dim sum with carts
        Sun Light Bkery ( Chinatown) rice noodles
        Russ and Daughters ( LES) smoked fish
        Cornerstone Grill ( Tribeca) ( Burgers, ribs)
        Pakastan Tea House (Tribeca)
        Gran Daisy Bakery (Tribeca) pizza and desserts
        Shigure ( Tribeca) Japanese little dishes

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          I appreciate the suggestions and thank you for adding what area they are in. That helps me get am idea of a layout.

        2. re: Riverman500

          Thank you for the suggestions in one area. They all sound great.

        3. It will be better to do a food crawl during the day than Fri/Sat night. Some places good for a crawl don't stay open very late or will be running out of items by the end of the day (like bakeries). And a lot of sit down restaurants you might want to add on will have crowds & lines on weekend nights.

          See scoopG's self guided Chinatown tour:

          A West Village food crawl

          East Village:

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thank you for the links. Here , on the first Friday of the month, we have a street fair in our arts district. Lots of food trucks, small resturants, bands, artists..etc. It makes a nice evening of walking around sampling different tpyes of food and people watching. Guess I was thinking along those lines. So, thank you for letting me know we need to plan for during the day rather then the evening

            1. re: dawnmccloud

              That would probably be Smorgasburg then, if you want a more "fair" like atmosphere where the vendors are all in one place.

              1. re: kathryn

                We are planning that on Saturday or Sunday. Thanks for all the help. I can't wait to see and taste it all!