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Jun 25, 2013 07:39 PM

crazy pregnancy noodle craving - your assistance please

Ok so I'm looking for a big bowl of not-too-salty noodles with some veg and some tofu (I'm normally a meat-eater but babies totally mess you up). I get headaches from MSG so it has to be guaranteed MSG free. See, I'm kind of think Sweet Lulu style, but that actually tastes good (I think their food is garbage and everything I ever eat from there tastes like a burned grill top). Bonus point for nutritional value, ie brown rice noodles. I am sick of Fresh and I don't really ever enjoy their soba noodle bowls. Not to mention they are 16 dollars. I live Queen West but I think I'd drive across the gta for the perfect noodle bowl. Non-greasy, and simple, fresh flavours. I am starting to think it's just too much to ask! I would try to make my own bowl but cooking is just too overwhelming right now. Any/all suggestions appreciated!

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  1. Feel Good Guru has a good compromise - soup + noodle combo ( I LOVE their Tokyo Toss). A good alternative to Fresh.

    Rioji actually serves a very decent vegetarian ramen - gentle reminder on the salt level - but it is the best veg ramen I know in town.

    Green's Vegetarian is probably your best bet. Cantonese vegetarian - be ready for the big portions. I find the stock clean and less salty than most Chinese joints.

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      Agree with happycamper about Greens. Their soup noodles are the best ever. I have cravings for their wonton noodle soup. The stock is amazing ... I leave with a happy belly, and without that parched MSG "cottonmouth" feeling, if that makes sense.

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        Thank you both. I shall be dining at Greens tonight - bonus is that it's not far from my house at all. I ate there years ago, before the reno's/transfer of ownership?