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Jun 25, 2013 06:53 PM

Using fresh veggies from Asian grocery

I discovered a pretty wonderful Asian grocery in town. They have tons of fresh greens, cabbages, sprouts etc. I need to find some other ways to make use of some of them though. Bok choy already got the big thumbs down at my house for some reason, did a stir fry with garlic (I liked it). But everyone here likes creamed spinach and will eat spinach in salads. I use napa cabbage as slaw and as a pickled veggie but a bit at a loss for other uses. I usually do some sort of stir fry once a week and stir fry veggies as a side once or twice a week. Do some of these work well mixed with other veggies?

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  1. how did you prepare the bok choy? usually I've had it steamed with oyster sauce and sometimes garlic over it.

    1. I recently picked up some suy choy. It is similar to rapini but with less blossoms. I would say similar enough though that you could use it in a pasta recipe with Italian sausage and a light garlic, white wine, chicken stock and parm sauce. Serve with penne or orchiette. I also stir fried it, cutting the tougher stems off and cooking first with chicken, siracha, fish sauce and soy and garlic.

      1. Ever since my first experience of a banh mi sandwich, I have used slaws as sandwich toppings. The typical banh mi slaw is carrot, daikon, and sweetened vinegar, and is just as good on a chicken salad or Italian cold cut sandwich, for example.

        I braise Asian greens as I would Southern greens like collards. They are also ideal, mixed with ground meat and seasonings, to fill won-tons or other dumplings.

        1. You can do nappa cabbage rolls stuff with rice and meat, perhaps topped with a tomato sauce...

          1. I buy most of my veggies from my Asian market. Of course you don't have to cook them all Asian style.

            Today I bought okra and tomato for a southern American dish. I bought lotus root for stir fry with beef, I bought cilantro for a Mexican dish later in the week, eggplant for a middle eastern dish this week, a variety of veg and mushrooms for vegetable soup (I made weekly for lunches), long beans and bulk garlic for a side dish. Stocked up on shallots and fat green onion for everything. Bought two honey crisp apples for salads with apple and goat cheese this week.