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Jun 25, 2013 06:44 PM

Recipes needed -many allergies!

I was doing alright until my most recent allergy test. These are my allergies: pineapple, banana, yeast, milk, egg, pecan, peanut, almond, wheat, oat, turkey, pork, beef, soybean, potato, tomato, corn, garlic, codfish, shrimp, salmon, celery, cocoa bean, and coffee. I have rice pasta but would like a sauce to put on it. I've given up on finding a bread. My husband loves to cook, and I'm hoping that someone can give me suggestions and recipes.

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  1. Hmm, I don't want to wade too far into the medical realm here, but food allergy testing is notoriously unreliable - more often than not, the positive results are false positives, or indicate the presence of such a small amount of IgE that it's not going to cause an actual reaction when you eat the food. So if you've never had a negative or allergic reaction after eating those foods in the past, you may not need to avoid them entirely. But if you really are truly allergic to everything you listed, I'm so sorry! That's rough.

    Having said that, how about a pine nut or cashew pesto without garlic for the pasta?

    Other general ideas for meals & snacks:
    - seared tuna with a sesame crust
    - hummus or baba ghannouj served with rice crackers or crudités
    - lentils with mint
    - dal
    - roast chicken with vegetables
    - curry-spiced chicken burgers
    - seared scallops
    - roasted squash or bell peppers stuffed with quinoa pilaf
    - grilled portobello mushrooms
    - balsamic-glazed cauliflower "steak"

    Oh, and don't forget about venison, ostrich & duck.

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    1. Roast vegetables - carrots, asparagus or your favorite - with olive oil, salt and pepper

      My aunt needed to avoid wheat, soy and corn and she used other grains to bake her own bread. I think spelt and oats were two of the ones she tried. I found two websites that list wheat-free flours, and I noticed a few on the list that wouldn't work, but maybe one or two of the others might work for you:

      Hope this helps!

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      1. My sister is allergic to a whole lot more than I am. My first visit to the allergist was because I was covered in hives, wheezing, etc. when I couldn't eat without being nauseous, spending hours in the restroom afterward, breaking out in hives, etc i made another appointment. There may be a couple of things on there that I'm not allergic to, but I'm not courageous enough to find out what they are. Thank you so much for your input and suggestions. You can't know how much they are appreciated.

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          You poor thing. I hope our ideas will help.

          I forgot to mention this in my earlier post - if celery really is a major allergen for you, steer clear of any chicken, turkey or vegetable broth/stock/soup that isn't homemade, and anything else that contains one of those broths as an ingredient.

        2. When I had to do an extensive rotation and elimination diet, I found it helpful to make lists of foods I could eat, broken down into categories like: animal proteins, fish/shellfish, veg, fruit, dairy, nuts, beans/legumes, fats, herbs/spices. I then could mix and match them in ways that made sense. Also, look at all variations of a food -- so if you can have chicken, you can do whole, parts, ground, livers and so on. A couple easy things that seem to work with your list are mussels steamed with wine; salad of tuna, olives, fennel, oranges and romaine; crab, mango, and avocado salad on jicama; black beans, sweet potato and kale; summer rolls filled veggies and herbs; quinoa salads. Make a list -- it really helps!

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          1. I would suggest looking at vegan food blogs- has some great recipes, all will be free of any meats/egg/dairy and clearly labeled if gluten free.
            Also look at ethnic food such as indian -A chickpea and rice curry with veggies, or swap in quinoa for rice.

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