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Jun 25, 2013 06:31 PM

Houseguest doesn't eat gluten, lactose

I don't usually cook with dietary restraints in mind, so I am short on ideas of how to accommodate a house guest who will be here for ten! days and doesn't eat food containing gluten or lactose. I'd like to serve great food that everyone can eat, not specially formulated foods for the guest alone.

Any and all ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hopefully these will help:

    I included the Paleo discussions because the suggestions there should be gluten- and dairy-free.

    Don't go crazy trying to make *everything* gluten- and lactose-free while your friend is staying with you. Most people on GF/DF diets understand that it's a challenge for others to accommodate us, so I doubt she expects you to make everyone eat only foods that are safe for her while she's there. Trust me, we're used to making do with what's available and appreciate any special effort a host makes for us.

    1. and don't waste money on buying gluten-free products, like gf breads, cakes, cookies. etc. they're spendy and most are not very good.

      for dinner instead of pasta as the starch, you can have rice, polenta or potatoes.

      for breakfast, your guest can have eggs any which way or fruit with oatmeal and coconut milk. some enjoy almond or soy milk as well. ask though. i think both of those are gross.

      salads, any kind of roasted/steamed veggies, tinned seafood or left-over meats from dinner make lunch.

      it's not nearly as hard it may seem. if your friend is staying awhile perhaps he/she might want to cook a few meals for you and take the heat off?

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        Of course, it depends on how many other people in the house, but if your guest has these restrictions, they're used to it, & if you have protein, veg, & fruit, they won't notice the difference (you may, if it's not what you're used to eating)-hotoynoodles suggestions are your starter, & yes, they should cook for you, too-if they're visiting for a week & a half....

      2. quick question -- is it lactose only? ie is casein okay?

        GHG gave you great links and hotoynoodle gave you some good tips.

        spaghetti squash is a great pasta sub, as is a bed of roasted veggies.

        random dishes that are easy for this restriction, some with slight modification:


        spinach or arugula or fennel salad with seared tuna or grilled fish or seafood and a vinaigrette


        spring rolls with gluten free wrappers

        chipotle corn soup (corn being as it is right now...) - i use unsweetened almond milk and earth balance in mine

        veggie frittata with almond or coconut or whatever milk you like

        corn tortilla burritos (i know but...) with veggies, rice, beans, salsa, meat/chicken, etc.

        polenta as suggested -- but it's also great to cook it (eat some if you like) then spread and chill and cut into squares to sear or broil. then top with some roasted veggies, eggplant (stack em like a lasagna with tomatoes, basil, etc.), ratatouille, fish, chicken, meat, etc.


        lettuce wraps with chicken, mushrooms, etc. and dipping sauce (make sure you make it or get one that is GF/LF)