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Jun 25, 2013 06:31 PM

Char Siu

Where can I find char siu in the Twin Cities? Preferably in or near the South Minneapolis area, but I'd travel for a top notch rendition of it.

I just attempted a char siu at home, but I'm at a disadvantage in evaluating it as I've never had it! Thanks!

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  1. You can usually find them at Asian grocery stores with a deli. I have seen them at a couple stores on Eat Street between 25th and 28th. Sorry I can't remember the names of these places. You can also find it at Keefer Court on the West Bank. While you are there, get a bowl of wonton noodle soup and some curry beef buns to go. Yum! House of Wu in Burnsville probably has the best char siu and roast duck if you're in that neck of the woods.

    1. Shuang Hur Market 2710 Nicollet.

      1. The deli at United Noodle (2015 E 24th St, Minneapolis) has some really excellent char siu.

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          I second halloweengal's recommendation. United Noodle is my favorite. It's available by the pound (or fraction of a pound).

          I like to order 1/4 lb and spike my tonkatsu ramen with extra porky goodness.

          1. I was looking at the summer menu for Piccolo last night and noticed that it is on there. Not sure how traditional the preparation is compared to what you made, but wanted to point it out as I never recalled seeing it before your post.