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Jun 25, 2013 05:52 PM

Steak - bone in or boneless do you have a preference?

Once again, my mother and I had the wonderful discussion of bone-in vs boneless steak tonight. I grew up with only boneless as she thinks the bone just makes cooking and service the steak more difficult, but I'm a bone-chewer so I usually buy bone-in. Do you have a preference? Other than the meat which is usually less done near the bone, do you notice any significant difference in taste?

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  1. Porter house with the T-bone and larger filet is my favorite, marbled boneless rib eye is a close second.

    1. bone-in, but like so many things, sometimes her concerns (ease) trump others.

      1. Boneless. NY strip, then ribeye.

        1. Boneless for me. I think it's more tender. Bone-in for the mrs. She loves to gnaw.

          1. Bone in, better flavor.