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Jun 25, 2013 05:38 PM

Ocean City- 40th Anniversary dinner

Hi, We're heading to OC on vacation with the family and want to celebrate our 40th anniversary by hosting a dinner for all. Any suggestions? We used to love the old Hobbit outdoor deck and haven't been able to find a good substitute. Fager's is so big and noisy when we've been. Appreciate any tips.

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  1. Liquid Assets. Not outdoor dining, but you won't be disappointed in the food. Get a cheeseboard to start(or finish). Yum!

    1. For a special occasion with a water view I would recommend Frescos italian restaurant on 83rd street. Their food is excellent and the atmosphere is very relaxing with gorgeous water views. Although there are decks there I have only ever seen people seated inside.

      Another nice restaurant is Nantuckets in Fenwick Island Delaware. They do not have a water view but the inside is pretty and the noise level is fine.

      I don't know how many people will be in your party but I would definitely try for a restaurant that takes reservations or you could have a very long wait.