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Jun 25, 2013 04:56 PM

Using a smoker

How do i keep my coals from burning out to fast while smoking meat

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  1. If your smoker has vents, try closing them.

    1. It's all about controlling your airflow as well as the size of the fire you build. On our BGE with a full load of lump charcoal, once the top layer is burning, we throttle back the bottom (supply) air vent to perhaps just 1/2" open while the top (exhaust) air vent wheel has a slightly larger airflow opening. As such we can get at least 12 to 14 hours of smoking time at 200 to 225. degrees without adding any more fuel. Of course it helps that the Egg is well insulated and has a decently sealing gasket assembly to avoid excess air to drive the rate of combustion.

      1. Simply have your child oozing water every now and then on the clas using a plastic bottle with a puctured cap.

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              And are you starting your cook with only a few lit coals? Google "minion method" on how to start your cook with only a handful of lit coals.