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Jun 25, 2013 04:51 PM

NOLA this Friday!!

will be in town sooon thanks for the earlier posts..i have settled on reservations at the following...moscas on friday...sat open...jacamos on sunday....elizabeths on monday for dinner...commanders palace on tues for lunch...thought of bacchanal during the week some poor reviews of redfish so i nixed it..ruby slipper for breakfast...guys for po boy...would like to try dantes but it seems its menu leans towards a lot of meat dishes...happy hour ..superior seafood...tivoli and lee...any suggestions for happy hour at more upscale places...thanking in advance...will be in town until july6th

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  1. Jacques Imos is closed on Sundays.

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      thanks for the heads stuck for ssat. and sunday...been to atchafalya and dick and jennys..would like to try some other places for dinner...

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        So many wonderful restaurants in town. Mandina's on Sunday is good. You can try Mat and Naddie's for non red meat options. Boucherie is excellent, too, and always has one seafood and one vegan dish on the menu.

        What neighborhood do you want to be in?

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          there is a seafood restaurant on magazine street?

          1. re: vecuronium

            In the 800 block of Magazine is Donald Link's new seafood restaurant, Peche.

            It has received nice reviews, here, and is near the top of our list for our visit in six weeks.

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            Boucherie's an excellent choice -- I wouldn't hesitate to make a reservation. On the other side of town both Maurepas Foods and Mariza offer top notch veg & fish options; I recommend both highly. In addition, you can't go too wrong with the food from Herbsaint.

            Bacchanal always has fish on the menu and -- unless they're too busy -- a great atmosphere. If they are too busy and you're all the way down there at the end of the world, Jack Dempsey's, just down the street on Poland, does a mean fried fish plate and serves chalices of icy cold Abita.

            Adolpho's -- upstairs from the Applebarrel on Frenchmen -- always has fresh fish. It's not perfect but I still enjoy it if it doesn't involve waiting for a table (it's not worth that).

            EAT, in the FQ, is under-recommended. They're BYOB but don't charge corkage. Also in the Quarter is the Green Goddess which is veg friendly. Cochon is (obviously) meat heavy but their non-meat offerings aren't at all second rate (in fact, they're often the most memorable parts of a Cochon meal).

      2. Redfish isn't so bad. Have the barbecued oysters there as a snack. The butternut squash soup is also pretty good. Quick bites.

        Cure has a great happy hour. Luke and Domenica have amazing specials. Good luck.

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          thanks to all for your advice so many incredible places...its not that we are not non meat eaters...just that with the abundance or seafood on the gulf...dont need steaks etc. duck is always an option...any thoughts on moscas..going tomorrow night...was there when i was at tulane in the 70s