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Jun 25, 2013 04:14 PM

Strawberry Shortcake at a restaurant?

I know I could make it myself, but shortness of time/heatwave/laziness prevent me from making fresh strawberry shortcake this week...

Any recommendations for classic or close-to-classic strawberry shortcake in a restaurant? I work in Cambridge and live in Arlington so usually eat out in that neck of the woods on weeknights.


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  1. Some of the restaurants taking part on the Mass Farmers Markets Strawberry Festival list strawberry shortcake as their menu its.

    Linage, Henrietta's Table, Highland Kitchen and Beehive.


    1. You'd have to call to see if it's currently on their menu, but in the past I've had a great rendition at Eastern Standard: homemade, sugar-cinnamon biscuits and whipped cream, with perfectly-ripe, sweet strawberries.

      1. Wilson Farms also makes a great classic shortcake, lots of berries and whipped cream on a biscuit. $4.99 for a large serving.

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          Wilson also has everything for sale separately...biscuits, whipped cream and sugared, sliced berries so that you can assemble it at home. Haven't tried it, though, but their fresh berries are delicious.

        2. You want biscuit-classic or angel-food-cake-classic?

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                I grew up on the little supermarket spongecake cups (yes, I know they're nasty, but we didn't know better in those days), but I prefer biscuits. I have a recipe for cream biscuits that is dead simple and makes excellent shortcake biscuits - also they freeze well, so I can make a full batch and then wrap them in pairs and freeze for future use. As the strawberry season draws to its end, I'm looking forward eagerly to peach shortcake.

                Jenny Ondioline, who grew up in Texas and Colorado, is more used to the pound cake version. Since a quart of strawberries usually gives us two nights in a row of shortcake, we go both ways - biscuits the first night, pound cake the second night.

          1. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions, especially BostonZest re: the Strawberry Festival restaurants.

            I do think of the biscuit version as the classic, and it's my preferred style. The discussion sent me to brief web research into the history of the dessert.

            One of the earliest published recipes (1847) for the biscuit version instructs bakers to use a "brisk oven", a charming turn of phrase.