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Jun 25, 2013 04:02 PM

crazy june weather and its effects on local farms

Worrying (what I do) about local farmers, dealing with this crazy late June rain/cold and its effect on their growing fruits and vegetables.

Any reports?

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  1. This is not damaging cold heavy rain or an extended period of time.. My suppliers have not foreseen any ill effects. Remember that most of the country gets rain year round and Farmers can grow pretty much everything we grow here.

    1. Just heard a report that northern CA peach and wine-grape growers are really concerned about effects of rain--don't understand enough re risks re these crops, but the reporter was talking about rot/mold issues and (in a less clear way) the use of fungicides (obviously not at organic farms).

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        Rain followed by muggy warmth is a recipe for mold growth, such as powdery mildew. There are fungicides approved for use by certified grape growers.

        "Sulfur, an organic fungicide not known to be toxic to humans, comprises 80 percent of total pesticide usage."

      2. I live in a Mid-Atlantic state in one of the eastern counties. Our weather has also been unkind to us as well. I grow extremely pungent chiles and tomatoes in a home garden, and the plants do not look as expected. I've been doing this cultivation for over 35 years, so it is not like I haven't had many years of normalcy.

        One beautiful chile plant given to me by my neighbors had very broad leaves. One extremely windy early June day the leaves were all blown off. The plant is just beginning to recover.

        The tomato plant have a greater length between leaf nodes than usual and lack the expected number blossoms developing into fruit.

        Those people who do not believe in Global Warming and climate changes have another think coming.