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Jun 25, 2013 03:47 PM

Dinner: Italian

Am looking for a good Italian restaurant to take my two college aged daughters for dinner.

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  1. Il Terrazzo Carmine

    It is a 30 year old classic in Pioneer Square. The menu features lots of Italian standards (so it won't intimidate young and less adventurous diners), but everything is prepared with skill and quality ingredients. The service is attentive, and pleasantly old school.

    1. Agree with Gizmo that Il Terrrazzo Carmine is wonderful and traditional. If you are looking for a more moderate price and a neighborhood-type place, also consider Salvatore's in North Seattle on Roosevelt. It is outstanding value for the money. Also, many younger folks seem to really like Tavolata in Belltown. The food there is very good but way too much wheat for my taste..lots of pasta on the menu but not a lot of meat choices.

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        ...and I agree with Bourbongal's excellent alternatives, based on criteria..

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          Add to the Belltown alternates: Branzino.

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            Hi, bourbongal:

            On your and mrnelso's recs, Wahine and I dined at Salvatore last night (We had not been there for at least a decade).

            Simply fabulous. Everything about this place (except the lack of A/C) impressed us. The already ample menu was supplemented by a *huge* number of special entrees and appetizers. The service was exemplary, and well beyond my experiences of late at Altura, Sitka, Bastile, etc. One reason was obvious--they have enough people in the front of the house. *Table* service in particular was outstanding, with a lot of attention to detail without being fussy or ostentatious.

            We enjoyed an app of trumpet mushrooms, simply sauteed in butter and wine. For entrees, Wahine had the veal saltimbocca off the regular menu and I had the special taglionini with seared scallops. Over her protest, we closed with a shared tiramisu. With 4 drinks, $109 before tip.

            My sense of this place is of a master's studio rather than a shiny journeyman's shop. No need for Arte Povera when there's a Titian at work.


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              I need to get back there. It's been more like 15 years for me. My memory is of ordering zabaglione for dessert. I heard the sound of whisking from the kitchen, then the sound of a whisk being slammed down with an expletive...then in a bit, whisking again. Even the pros curdle something now and again!

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                Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for posting. I was really interested in your view. Salvatore's is one of those places I have gone back to so often over many years that I worry a little about losing perspective on it.

              2. Salvatore is a godfather gem and a huge value. At Pasta Freska, Chef/owner Mike checks in to ask preferences and let you know what's likely to be coming and food roams to your table as it will. Fun. Way informal and conversational, if loud. Back up in Wallingford is Bizarro, very crowdy and talky. Fremont has Brad's Swingside Cafe which might be downright sedate or it might have jazz or Orville.
                Art of the Table is not Italian most days, but a call ahead to Dustin could easily result in such a day and the attentively locavore food is beautiful and skillful in many cuisines. A common table of 10 and a few tables. Perche No? has good and interesting food, too, in another quiet setting.

                1. I'd pick Osteria La Spiga. Great food, great space and in a fun, trendy neighborhood (but close to downtown if that's where you are staying). I also love Tavolata, and I think do a good job with both modern updates of the standards (their spaghetti and meatballs is killer) as well as more interesting stuff.

                  1. 15 minutes south of downtown in Columbia City, you could try my personal vote for best Italian in Seattle: La Medusa. They serve Sicilian Italian with incredible attention to detail, and terrific flavors. I had roasted rabbit legs there this week which is probably my meal of the year so far for 2013.


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                      Oh my gosh how could I have forgotten this one? Agree it is also outstanding!