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Jun 25, 2013 03:03 PM

Dieu du Ciel Rigor Mortis de Table?

Has anyone seen this available bottled lately?

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  1. No. I've only ever had it at the pub. I don't think it's been bottled.

    1. According to the Dieu Du Ciel website (, it's only bottled once a year and sold in bottles starting in january until it's sold out... so you either have to find a store that still has it (not too likely) or wait until next january.

      1. Can tell you it is strong and delicious.

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        1. "De table" normally indicates a traditional Belgian style of lighter alcohol beer to be drunk with a lunch or a meal. DDC has a number of Rigor Mortis beers. The bottled version is a quadrupel style. Rigor Mortis ABT. Available at specialty shops such as Au Coin Duluth in Montreal (early spring I think but they currently have it last i checked). The Table version is only available rarely on tap at the brew pub. It is very good on a hot day. Other versions include the dubbel and a simple Belgian ale.

          1. Thank you everyone for the tips! I just found out it is a special someone's favourite beer, and wanted to try and get some for an upcoming birthday, however it looks like I might need to do an IOU for January! (although from checking the DDC website, it looks like it is only the stronger version of the Rigor Mortis that is bottled, not the de Table version?)