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Jun 25, 2013 03:00 PM

Food Budgeting for Trip to Venice


I will be staying in Venice near San Marco Square for 6 days towards the end of September by myself. I am looking to keep my food budget relatively modest. Breakfast is included with my accommodations.

How much can I expect to spend on food per day (I don't drink much alcohol), and any suggestions for eating establishments? I have been told that 100 Euros per day would be reasonable. However, I would like to splurge a bit on dinner for one meal during my stay.

Thanks in advance for any advice you have.



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  1. Go to a place serving cicheti w/ local wines. Cicheti are small plates which if memory serves right are between 1 and 3 euro. Last I visited in '10 a glass of wine was a euro. Lunch everyday was at a one of these spots. For under 20 euros you'll make a solid meal w/ wine.

    1. For each day, if you plan on one light meal and one main meal, 100 euro for a single person is plenty. You will eat very well on that budget. For example of places frequently recommended on this board:
      More toward the high-end (consider splurge) such as Al Covo, Alle Testiere, Antiche Carampane, Osteria San Marco, Al Paradiso Vini di Gigio, Fiaschetteria Toscana; a three course meal will be around 50 euros, less if one order a primi as a main course.
      A little less expensive such as Anice Stellato, da Rioba, Trattoria da Fiore, La Bitta, La Zucca, da Alberta would be about 30 to 40 euros.
      More toward budget such as Alla Frasca, alle Vedova, ai Promessi Sposi, Al Botteghe, Alla Botte, Antica Mola where an antipasti are 8 euro, primi and secondi 12 to 15, dessert 5.
      Some simple places, mostly in Cannairegio have a weekday set lunch for around 13 euro that include coffee and a glass of wine.
      I could consider one of the places in the first category in above as splurge. There are more expensive places, many in the high-end hotel, but from my experience, they are not worth the euro spent.
      Eating cicchetti at a bacaro or front bar of a trattoria as a midday meal is fun, easy on the budget and offer some variety. Many are standup only; some offer simple small bits of food such as crostini, meatballs, sardines, bacala while other offer only panini/sandwiches and others have a compose plate that itself will make a good lunch. Simple cicchetti are usually around 1 to 2 euros (two of us always spend less than 20 euros with a couple glass of simple wine), panini are 4 and compost places can be anywhere from 7 euro on depending on what they put and how big they are. The last type usually have table seating. One can make eating cicchetti as a light evening meal but make sure to get to the bacaro or the front bar of restaurants early; many shut down by 8pm while others may not have much choices left.
      A glass of simple wine is 1.5 euro and good wines by the glass are seldom more than 7 euro at the better places.
      There leaves plenty of change for gelati (1.2 euro for a large scoop); a snack of coffee and pastry 2.5 euro; an afternoon ritual of a spritz at an outside campo or a bacaro for around 3 euro. Spritz are low in alcohol and easy to take; if you like a bit of sweetness, order an Aperol or Select Sprtiz, a Campari Spritz for more bitter. Add a couple of simple ciccheti and it shouldn't be more than 5 or 6 euros and a great way to spend part of an afternoon.
      Unless you splurge everyday, you should not have to spend 100 euro per day for food, especially if you don't drink much alcohol. The two areas that has the most interesting and good places to eat are Cannairegio and around the Rialto Market. Hope the above help.

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        As a life long traveler, half the clothes and twice the money.

      2. 100 Euros per day, for one person, should be fine, especially if you don't drink much. Make sure you hit some of the better cicheti places, which will be fun if you are alone since you will probably end up chatting with people.

        My choice for a splugy meal these days in Carampane. It's 'fancy', but serves excellent seafood, which is in itself splugy.