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Jun 25, 2013 02:59 PM

Anniversary breakfast/brunch/lunch on a Friday

Any recommendations for a special and/or romantic breakfast/brunch/lunch for our anniversary this Friday?


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  1. Friday morning is kind of a tough time: I would consider Brasserie Jo, Henrietta's Table, and the restaurant in Rowe's Wharf in the hotel, which may have a water view.

    1. If you want luxury, great service and a good meal the Bristol Lounge at the Fours Seasons and let them know it is a special day for you. They love to spoil people.

      If you want fun, sharing, nibbling, and toasting Coppa in the South End.

      If you are cheese lovers, wine and cheese in the Salon at L'Espalier. Like the Four Season's L'Espalier love being part of your special day.

      My husband and I enjoy all three of these options depending on our moods. But, the question is, What is romance to you?


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        The Bristol Lounge does serve breakfast and should be lovely - I don't think Coppa or L'Espalier serve on Friday morning unless I'm missing the poster's timeframe?

      2. Bristol Lounge sounds great. Corned beef hash & linguica hash...

        I had a feeling we would have to go with a hotel for 10:00 AM on a Friday. Thanks for the advice.