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Looking for suggestions for a 10 person dinner in Santa Monica or West LA. Must be a fun venue with good food and full bar. Considering Fig. Done Hungry Cat and Chinois. Suggestions?

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  1. How about the patio at Wilshire? good food and full bar; I've been to a couple group dinners there and they did an excellent job.

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      Wilshire has just replaced their latest chef. Haven't heard anything about the replacement.

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        Good point. I haven't heard anything either.

        BSW, what about Tavern in Brentwood? We had a really nice 7 person dinner there last week.

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          Tavern is a good suggestion. The main room is nice and fun, and there's a full bar. I'm sure that they can accomodate your group with notice, as we were ten for a birthday get-together there about three weeks back.
          I don't know about the new chef at Wilshire but the patio there is quite pleasant on a warm eve. Fig is another good recco. Waterloo and City is not as fashionable but otherwise they fit the bill and I really like their food.

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            Waterloo and City also has a back room. It seats far more than 10, but it might give your party a slightly more private feel.

            Hostaria del Piccolo could also accommodate your party on the back patio (which now has plastic curtains to give it a slightly more closed in feeling). I assume they have a full bar?

    2. Call Roberto at Bar Toscana and see if he can arrange for you to have a large table. Great venue, lots of fun and food is excellent. Love the vibe.

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        Good idea. Have not been to Bar, but the food at Toscana is great as is the vibe. Thanks.

      2. Would Rustic Canyon Work?

        1. This time of year, Villetta's patio is ideal.

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            Friend recently went to Villetta. said risotto was horrible,maitre,d obnoxious and business was not good .Her impression is restaurant is struggling.

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              Sadly, Villetta is not so good lately.

            2. Superba Snack Bar could work. Nice patio. Their smoked bucatini carbonara, poached egg, pancetta, black pepper & parm is one of the best dishes in LA at the moment.

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                Does Superba have a full bar? Seems like all of their "cocktails" have either prosecco or ginger beer in them.......

              2. Was going to suggest Tar & Roses, but they do not have a full bar. You may have seen me recommend FIG before, and I'm going to do it again. They have a semi-private "room" that can hold up to 16 people in a large square table. They have a full bar with great cocktails. Even if you can't do the FIG at Five deal (everything 50% off if ordered between 5 PM and 6 PM), the prices are decent, portions are good, and the breadth of their menu should be able to cover carnivores and vegetarians alike (never really looked at their vegan options, but I'd presume that would have been brought up as a factor already)...

                1. No full bar at Rustic Cyn or Superba.
                  Freddie Smalls
                  Waterloo and City
                  The new Water Grill

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                        According to Zagat Water Grill Santa Monica is scheduled to open some time in July.

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                      +1 for Freddy Smalls, but reserve early!

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                          Vicente has that nice front room which will comfortably seat 10

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                            I dont think the new Water Grill is open.