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Jun 25, 2013 01:57 PM

New Cantonese cuisine place on 50th Str and 3rd Ave - Must Try

Radiance Tea House has opened a new location. I loved their fine teas selection at the first location on 55th Str and now really appreciate the fuller menu on 50th Str.

Hong Kong harbor style jumbo shrimps I eat we're cooked in shell over high flame, thus being crispy yet juicy inside. I was a little concern about shrimps not being piled, but It does taste different and in a good way different. Also I liked the fact that it's not breaded. Would definitely recommend to everyone. As to how to eat it: Helping yourself with a knife, sort of pull the shrimp meat with a fork from the middle of the shrimp towards yourself, perpendicularly to the shrimp tail. Sounds complicated but just basically how you'd eat a lobster.

It was a bit spicier that I normally would eat, so when waiter brought iced tea with prunes and some berries to add sweetness, I was grateful. Tea complemented the dish, jut like wine wood.

Definitely recommend to try their ice-teas. They sell it by the pitcher too.

Overall - it's my favorite place right now. Going to shift business lunches there, atmosphere feels right to make decisions, very calm.

Price: delicious meal for two, with dim sum, seafood entrees, mango mousse dessert and iced teas made into $38. I think the price is great. Especially given the food quality and the location.

Aftertaste: Food felt light, yet satisfying, there was no heavy sensations that is common after normally greasy Chinese food.
Their chef must be very talented.

One thing that pleasantly surprised me was how clean the place was. From my experience it's more common for today's Chinese places to appear not carrying about hygiene at all.

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      1. ah interesting, ive been meaning to try this place, but i always thought it was run by koreans for some reason

        btw this type of shrimp you normally just eat the whole thing (i.e. you eat the shell, if its cooked right should crispy and easy to eat)

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        1. re: Lau

          It's interesting you should mention about eating the whole thing! One Asian gentlemen suggested me to do so. But I'm from Europe, and when it comes to changing our notions as to how some particular dish should be consumed we're normally not that out of the box. So I didn't even try to eat the shrimps with the shell. To my excuse the shrimps are really of a jumbo size, over 12 cm (5 inch) long and the shell is thicker then on regular shrimps.

          And yeah, the Korean BBQ is right before Radiance and has a big sign, so from 3rd ave might look like its the same place.

          1. re: victoriafoody

            yah its normally a larger shrimp that is cooked in this style and its usually fried so the shell becomes pretty brittle and crispy and should be very easy to eat, the real advantage of eating it with the shell on (for me at least) is that alot of the flavor from the seasoning is on the outside, so if you peel the shell you end up missing alot of the flavor

            1. re: Lau

              Missing a lot of the flavor is quite convincing point. I might try the shell a little next time.

              1. re: victoriafoody

                yah def give it a try i think alot of people dont realize how brittle shell becomes (assuming they cooked it properly)

        2. I went there and had lunch. Hargau, or prawn dumpling was superb with tender jumbo prawns inside. Similar to the quality I used to encounter in Hong Kong! Beef with Sacha sauce was mild, yet full of flavors (and not greasy at all!).

          Ambiance was clean and stylish. Servers were super friendly and efficient. I will definitely go back soon, may be as early as tomorrow.

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            1. re: kosmose7

              Glad you like it, kosmos7! I only tried seafood, dim sum, and vegetarian dishes there, haven't tried beef yet.

              1. re: victoriafoody

                I had dinner at Radiance as well, and it was very good! I ordered the grand opening special, 4-course dinner for $38, which includes Asian shrimp salad, Hong Kong harbor style lobster or prawn, seafood risotto, and mango or coconut pudding for dessert.

                Asian shrimp salad had five pieces of shrimp and vegetables with Asian ginger dressing. The dressing was not really that flavorful, but the shrimp was really tender.

                Original Hong Kong harbor style lobster is supposed to be buried in a pile of fried chopped garlic and dried red chili peppers (, but their version had only a small amount here and there. Nevertheless, it was really tasty and the lobster bits were so crispy outside and juicy inside. Not greasy at all either!

                Seafood 'risotto' had a generous portion of tender shrimp, squid, mushrooms, and saffron sauce.

                Mango pudding was good quality too, comparable to the one I used to have in Hong Kong.

                Thanks for your great information, victoriafoody!
                I will go back soon to try their ginger and scallion lobster lunch set!

                * More photos:

                1. re: kosmose7

                  Kosmos7, I went on your blog - your picks are like a good story, thanks for sharing!

                  1. re: kosmose7

                    wow sounds good...never really thought i'd see under bridge chili crab style crab here, i love that place


                    1. re: Lau

                      I'm reading your blog Lau. You probably have more posts on Chinese cuisines then on chowhound :) and every post with pics - thank you so much for sharing!

              2. On the list, this sounds great.