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Jun 25, 2013 01:39 PM


Never see anything on Alize anymore. Any thoughts?

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  1. I've been interested in feedback about Alize too.

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      1. I have never dined at Alize, but travelzoo has is currently running an offer:

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          Thanks for the link. We will probably try it and I'll write a report.

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            We ate here during Restaurant Week in March with local friends. Sounds like the Travelzoo coupon might be similar to our meal, with a three course offering from a special menu. The four of us chose vichysoisse, grilled NY strip medallions and grilled very large tiger shrimp with sautéed broccolini and potatoes gratinee, and Basque cake with strawberry rhubarb sauce. It was a well-prepared and excellent, if uninspired, dinner, made special by the expansive view of the Las Vegas strip to the east at dusk and the Spring Mountains to the west in the setting sun from the top of the Palms. The décor was elegant (maybe in need of an update) and service superb. Markup on a bottle of Nelms Road cabernet was pretty high at about 6x. However, our overall experience was memorable. Can’t comment on the a la carte or tasting menus, nevertheless would likely visit Alize again if view was a top priority.

          2. (LONG)

            I’m a board lurker, and have been for many years, but when I saw this inquiry, I had to respond. I agree that there isn’t much posted on Alizé, and since my husband and I had a nice experience, I thought I’d share. We dined in late December 2011—I realize this isn't recent, and I didn't take as many notes as I would've liked, but hopefully I can still provide a little insight.

            To give you a little background, we’re from Kansas City and take annual trips to Las Vegas and NYC, sans child, for a few days of dining and drinking. It’s what keeps us sane, and I can’t thank all of the LV and NYC Hounds enough for the multitude of great suggestions. ellenost, you are my dining compass in both cities, and I’m sorry I haven’t thanked you sooner. :) That said, here is what I can recall from Alizé.

            Had a Sunday night dinner at 8pm and arrived a bit early. Sat at the bar and had pleasant conversation with our bartender. I had a Razitini, husband had a French 56. Don't recall exact ingredients and can't find their cocktail menu online, but I do recall them being tasty and on-the-mark.

            Service from arrival to exit was very good—needs were anticipated, crumbs were quickly swept, etc. We had many people come and go from the table, our favorite being one of the older Assistant Servers who was kind and soft-spoken, but always nearby.

            I had made reservations approx 4 weeks prior (as I always try to do when we travel) and had noted we’d be celebrating our anniversary. We were given a wonderful window seat and the view was spectacular. The dining room was surprisingly full for a Sunday and it was nice to see nearly everyone in dressy attire (of course, I realize it’s Vegas and anything goes, but I guess I’m old school and really enjoy restaurants that try to maintain a dress code). We decided to select from the a la carte menu and asked the Sommelier for pairings.

            I cannot recall our amuse-bouche or the intermezzo, but I’m sure they were as delicious as the rest of our meal. I started with the lobster bisque, which was paired with a Monchhof Riesling. My husband had the French onion soup with Flora Springs Chard. I remember both soups being quite tasty and enjoying the sweet pieces of lobster claw in mine with my wine.

            My entrée was the Dover Sole with Veronique preparation—melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. The sauce was not too heavy and the grapes were a fresh, sweet addition. It was paired with a Puligny-Montrachet (I wish I had written down the producer and vintage…grr…I believe it was a 2006). The Sommelier was very attentive and informative, always speaking at our level (we aren’t wine experts) without being at all condescending. He was especially helpful with this pairing as it was much pricier than our others. He was very up-front about this, which we appreciated. My husband had the Rib Eye with a Pascual Toso Malbec . The meat was a perfect medium rare and quite tender for a fattier cut. He doesn’t often order steak while we’re on vacation since we live in the Midwest, but he was quite satisfied with his choice.

            We selected a chocolate soufflé for dessert, which was good, but not outstanding (I must say, I’m REALLY looking forward to our upcoming meal at Le Cirque in August for their soufflé!). We were given additional truffles/candies after dessert for our anniversary, but by this time we were stuffed and took them to go. Bill was $300 before tip.

            Overall, this was a good special occasion restaurant. The service, the food and the view were all wonderful and I’m glad we experienced it. If I lived in Vegas, I’d probably return to sample a different menu, but since there are still so many places I’d like to try and so few days to fit them all in, I doubt we’ll go back soon.

            As I mentioned above, our upcoming trip will include Le Cirque, which I’d always passed over since I’d been to the NYC location. After reading the most recent posts about it, though, I changed my mind. We’ll also (finally!) be experiencing é—yay!. The highlight of our 2012 visit was Bartolotta—it was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing for us, but I’m so glad we did it.

            Again, thank you all for your advice through the years. I hope to pay it forward after my next trip.

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              You sure write well for a lurker. Hope you will keep on posting.

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                Thanks, Dave--must be that journalism degree I never used. I always said if l could have any job, I'd be a food critic. Unfortunately when I graduated the market was crap, so I went back after a few years and became a nurse. Just finally mustered up the courage to put my words out there. I'll do my best to keep posting :)

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                Thanks for your kind words! Sounds like I'll be adding Alizé to my list of restaurants when I (hopefully) return to LV next spring.

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                  Wow. You should post more often. This was an exhaustive review and very helpful. Thanks.

                2. It's been a few years but husband, and I had various celebratory occasions there. We enjoyed the contemporary, minimalist space, and formal service. The dress code was semi-formal & we liked that. The view is unlike no other in Vegas. The seafood tower is something we ordered quite a bit.