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Jun 25, 2013 01:38 PM

How about a summer soup?

The weather is nice and cool right now. I think in the 70s and it's cloudy and drizzly. A heavenly break from the heat. I'd like to make some soup while it's nice like this. We are supposed to be seeing temps over 100 degrees by this weekend. Any suggestions for a good summer soup that we can enjoy in this cool weather in Nor Cal?

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    1. re: master815k

      Sounds great! I have lots of tomatoes coming in on the tomato plants in my yard. I'll keep this recipe for when those 50+ blossoms turn into fruit! Thank you.

    2. Sorrel soup (shav). Quick to prepare, tasty & served cold!

      1. Asparagus soup. Here's one iteration, but it's very forgiving - you can play with it.

        1. Avocado, sour cream, broth, and a little lemon and some garam masala, chilled.

          1. Chicken soup.

            Take advantage of the cool weather while you can and chow down on the mother of all soups.

            Either that, or a nice corn chowder.

            But if left to my own devices, I'd probably just make an egg drop soup with creamed corn. Totally ABC ghetto comfort food, but that's why it's so so good.