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How about a summer soup?

The weather is nice and cool right now. I think in the 70s and it's cloudy and drizzly. A heavenly break from the heat. I'd like to make some soup while it's nice like this. We are supposed to be seeing temps over 100 degrees by this weekend. Any suggestions for a good summer soup that we can enjoy in this cool weather in Nor Cal?

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      Sounds great! I have lots of tomatoes coming in on the tomato plants in my yard. I'll keep this recipe for when those 50+ blossoms turn into fruit! Thank you.

    2. Sorrel soup (shav). Quick to prepare, tasty & served cold!

      1. Asparagus soup. Here's one iteration, but it's very forgiving - you can play with it. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/em...

        1. Avocado, sour cream, broth, and a little lemon and some garam masala, chilled.

          1. Chicken soup.

            Take advantage of the cool weather while you can and chow down on the mother of all soups.

            Either that, or a nice corn chowder.

            But if left to my own devices, I'd probably just make an egg drop soup with creamed corn. Totally ABC ghetto comfort food, but that's why it's so so good.

            1. Albondigas soup,with mini turkey or chicken meatballs and lots of good veg and broth.

              Avgolemono soup with bruschetta.

              Cream of asperagus soup with cream and pesto on top.

              1. Heidi Swanson's chickpea soup with saffron, yogurt and garlic.

                I just made this today (it's winter here, but this is a nice, light soup that would be perfect any time of year). I served it with a couple of blobs of nice, cold greek yogurt on top.

                (I know it actually says stew, but I think of stews as more hearty fare so I'd be more inclined to call it a soup)


                1. The only soup I think of in the summer is clam chowder. We prefer Manhattan style, but New England is OK too. Guess because it reminds me of being at a seaside resort, on vacation. I've worked up a nice Manhattan recipe, if you use canned clams it comes together in minutes.

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                    There is Rhode Island style too:
                    Manhattan minus the veggies
                    New England minus the cream!

                    Very light - clam broth, (chopped onions,celery with a little bacon/salt pork or olive oil (if you are Kosher), chopped clams & potatoes.

                    RI style exists east of New Haven CT through Rhode Island & maybe to Fall River Mass all on the coast.

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                      That is somewhat similar to what a local restaurant calls Maritime syle. Although Maritime may be more of a Nova Scotia thing, judging by the name? But again, a mix of the two that is better than the sum of its parts. Some recipes call for a bit of cheddar too. It was somewhat creamy, but not a major factor.

                      The chef was going to give me her recipe but then passed away suddenly, so I have been researching on and off for years now. Thanks for the tips! The one thing that I remember clearly is that it had tiny bits of hot pepper in it. As the years go by, I don't even know if I will ever get close, but you never know!

                  2. Made a cream soup of mixed vegetables last night but I love all your ideas and plan to use them. I've got avocados that I bought on sale last weak for 3/$1.00 so tim irvine's idea is something I can use right away.

                    Thanks for all the great suggestions. These will come in handy all summer long!

                    1. This soup is odd-sounding—cold avocado, orange, and lime—but delicious. Warning: It does not keep, so you have to eat it right away.


                      Also check out this nice feature in the New York Times with 12 chilled soups.