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Jun 25, 2013 01:31 PM

Your Estes Park, CO picks

Any favorites and/or avoids

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  1. ooh- I have an "avoid"!

    The Notchtop. Our waitress was very nice and efficient- that's good. Coffee wasn't awful.

    Food was terrible as to be mostly inedible. The only plus was that I got a half breakfast- less waste. Eggs were both overcooked and cold, the latkes- I wish I had the only-mediocre hashbrowns from a bag. Clearly this plate sat for a bit before coming to the table. Spouse got trout and eggs, ate about half. Not a fan of fish-for-breakfast, I didn't give this a taste.

    The weird thing is that they have a big sign outside that identifies them as a cafe and pub. But, they have no booze. We considered a mimosa or something. Oh- and when they ask if you want juice, and you do want juice, ask for a small if you want one, because otherwise you get a large glass of poor quality orange-colored sludge that you'll be politely trying to choke down because the waitress is so nice and it's not her fault.

    The online menu does not reflect the menu in the restaurant.