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Sweet pickle relish

A lot of hot dog posts got me wondering. Who uses sweet pickle relish on their hot dogs or, for that matter, anywhere?

I am not a fan of sweet pickle relish and not really a fan of sweet pickles for that matter as well. Especially 'bread and butter' pickles, blech!

But that might be regional as its not as common here in NY due to all the sauerkraut. I have tried a Chicago dog with the neon green relish and it's an experience, but only when in Chicago.

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  1. Used to be the only way I would eat my hotdog. Now I don't care so much.

    In a pinch you can use it in ham salad if you don't have sweet gherkins.

    Can't think of another occasion I use it. I will not put it on burgers.

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      It's cheap and keeps for a while - I usually buy a jar at the beginning of summer, and toss the old one. I love it on hotdogs, but sad to say, I don't eat many any more. I use it in ham salad, egg salad, deviled eggs sometimes, and my daughter likes it in tuna salad.

      I can't eat a grilled cheese without bread and butter pickles.

      1. re: jeanmarieok

        Ditto on all but the tuna salad.

        (avec moutarde on my chaud chien)

    2. When Mrs. O was carnivorous, the Tube Steak was one of her favorite foods, and hers always required ketchup and pickle relish. For burgers it was just pickle relish, usually, which she still requires for her grilled vegan "burgers." I confine my usage to coleslaw dressing (buttermilk, mayo, relish and a dash of vinegar).

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        I'm with Mrs. O: ketchup and pickle relish on hot dogs (or even better, a polish dog) are the way to go. But that's about the only thing I put sweet relish on. Hamburgers take sour pickles.

      2. If you can get ahold of Del Monte brand, it's the best, very hard to find.

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          I beg to differ. The Claussen refrigerated relish is the gold standard, but getting near impossible to find. They appear to be replacing it with the non-refrigerated variety, which is very run-of-the-mill.

          1. re: ferret

            Yes, ferret, I also had trouble recently trying to find Claussen's pickle relish in the cold case. I did find it, however, and it continues to be my favorite.

        2. I love it on hot dogs and tuna salad sandwich.

          1. Mustard and pickle relish=yum

            1. I enjoy sweet pickles and bread and butter pickles as a side when having a sandwich (esp grilled cheese). Or those sweet icicle pickles that I used to get a community events from the farm ladies.

              And love sweet relish on a hot dog. But it's not 'neon' green, because I only use the stuff my mom or my sister makes (we trade relish for my jam and pesto). Also like it on a burger if it's just with ketchup/mustard/cheese. If there are toppings like mushrooms or fried onions, then no relish.

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                My recent guilty pleasure is Famous Dave's sweet/hot pickle chips. I've never actually been to Famous Dave's (not really interested) but Costco carries these in a somewhat large-ish jar. The heat balances nicely with the sweet.

              2. Spicy mustard and pickle relish on a hot dog is a great combination. Sweet pickle relish is really the best foil to a pungent mustard that bites you back. The acid in sauerkraut won't mellow those flavors the sweet relish will.

                I always keep relish (either dill or sweet) in the fridge to make tuna salad and tartar sauce. The tang and sweetness temper rich dishes so it's also useful in deviled eggs, ham salad, pasta salad and cheese dips.

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                1. Sweet pickle relish on hot dogs and burgers!! I sometimes get India relish when it is on sale but don't know the difference from regular relish. Anyone??

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                  1. re: Motosport

                    India relish is made with chopped green tomatoes instead of cucumber.

                  2. I use it as an add in for tuna, egg and potato salad and sometimes in deviled eggs but I've never tried in on hot dogs because I don't actually enjoy the taste of pickle relish directly out of the jar. But I like what pickle relish does to mayo.

                    1. I use it in coleslaw, potato salad and Shake Shack sauce.

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                      1. re: EM23

                        you add it to Shake Shack sauce?

                        1. re: Gastronomos

                          I didn't have the dill pickle called for in the recipe, so it served.

                      2. I find keeping a jar of relish is handy for making salad dressings and dipping sauces

                        1. I love sweet relish, ketchup, mustard and American cheese on a hot dog. I also use it in all the usual suspects like ham Salas, tuna, potato, macaroni salads and deviled eggs and tartar sauce.

                          1. Yellow mustard on a hot dog.

                            I keep sweet pickle relish on hand for 'salads'-- tuna salad, potato salad, egg salad, and the like.

                            1. When I was a little kid, my nana would make piccalilli and jar it. Gallons of it. It was a huge project for her. The whole house would be perfumed by it. It contained red bell peppers, green tomatoes, and spices. My parents used to LOVE this on hot dogs, but being a stupid chowpup at times, I would eat mine with ketchup and mayo.

                              I now love piccalilli---pungent, rather than sweet--and I put it on Italian sausage. BTW, I agree with the folks who like the dill relish rather than sweet. Just one hound's opinion.

                              1. I grew up in Chicago and always ordered dogs with "no relish!" In fact repeated it twice. Foul stuff, I agree.

                                1. I can my own sweet pickle relish made from our home grown cucumbers. It is so good, I could just eat it with a spoon right out of the jar. Like others here, I use it on hot dogs with mustard and American cheese, in egg salad, potato salad and tuna salad. It is indispensable in ham salad.
                                  I made some dill pickle relish a few days ago. It has to sit a few more days before I can open a jar to try it, but what I tasted while preparing it was not nearly as flavorful as sweet relish.

                                  1. Sweet pickle relish, used in tandem with other condiments, adds a welcome flavor and texture contrast on a properly dressed dog. It's also indispensable in homemade thousand island dressing. In the summer, I always make sure I have a backup jar (here in NE, Cains is my brand of choice, though Mt. Olive will do) in the pantry in case the one in the fridge runs out.