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Jun 25, 2013 12:45 PM

Chinese Steamed Buns

Does anyone know where to buy steamed buns. Not filled. In a store?


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  1. When you say "in a store" do you mean that you want them to be packaged? Bought cold/room temp, as opposed to hot?

    Also, what part of the Bay Area are you in?

    Seems like a lot of the larger Asian markets might have them, at the very least in the bakery sections. As an example, I'm thinking of the 99 Ranch in Daly City.

    1. mantou are empty steam buns. (northern style). some dim sum shops on stockton st. in sf chinatown sell them fresh.

      frozen versions can be found in the frozen pastry section at any lion or ranch 99 market.

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        The mantou at Louie's Dim Sum on Stockton St have a good rep. They also seem popular at TC Pastry on Irving and Jook Time on Balboa.

      2. Thank you all.

        Not Hot.

        I want to make a sandwich using them as the bread part. for a large party.
        So I want to be able to buy a large quantity

        In SF is ideal.

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        1. re: smatbrat

          I would try any of the stores in Chinatown (on Stockton btwn Jackson and Broadway). Some of them have open fridge sections and you find fresh tofu, noodles, buns there. This suggestion is hit-or-miss depending on how comfortable you are in a Chinatown shop.

          Otherwise go to Manila Oriental in Excelsior (maybe there are other big Asian grocers, but I don't know of any within SF central). Huge Asian store, lots of frozen stuff.