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Shining and spectacular use for creme fraiche?

I bought a package of creme fraiche for some recipe/reason, and now I can't remember what...I hate to spend the money on it without making truly great use of it (I could sub it in to innumerable things, but it seems a waste.) So what do you suggest?

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  1. Nothing much more spectacular then blini, caviar & a smidge of creme fraiche!

    1. Skagen rora (Swedish shrimp salad) is the main reason I buy it. Cooked shrimp, creme fraiche, a small amount of mayo, chopped fresh dill, a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of diced red onion, all mixed up and chilled. My favorite way of serving is on top of a ripe avocado half with a spoonful of caviar (usually the cheap stuff from IKEA,) on top. My Swedish friends eat it on toast points, crackers, or on avocado. Its also supposedly very good on hot dogs/ sausages served at convenience stores in Sweden wrapped in some kind of flatbread.

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        Those sound great! When I buy it I usually have it left over. Now I won't. Thanks.

      2. Crème Fraîche Tart
        Potato and Leek soup topped with a large dollop to stir in.

        1. Joanne Chang uses creme fraiche (she calls it her secret ingredient as I remember) in her cookbook "FLOUR". I have made her muffins (I used blueberries) which calls for a cup, but she used 2 T in her banana bread. I love these muffins, but I do add extra blueberries just because....

          I love that Chang gives weights although this does not.

          1. Whip it and use it to frost a showy cake.

            1. Smoked trout rillettes:


              Also, next time don't bother buying when you can make it! (If you've got time.) Mix a cup of heavy cream with a tablespoon of buttermilk and leave it out on the counter, covered, for a day or so. More details (and more ideas for using the finished product) in this discussion:


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                Culturing with buttermilk will not give you the true flavor of creme fraiche. You'll just have buttermilk flavored cultured cream. Yeah, I know an infinite number of recipes say you can make it that way, still doesn't make it true. Be aware that's a different beast than real creme fraiche.

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                  Thank you for this link. I have made a cultured cream with buttermilk that was quite good, but it doesn't have the flavor of true creme fraiche. I'll have to try culturing it with either a purchased starter culture or a commercially produced creme fraiche that I like, although I'm not sure whether most commercially produced brands contain live cultures.

              2. a dollop on a wedge of tarte aux pommes
                baked into gratin dauphinois

                1. I like it on those little toasts with smoked salmon or jalapeño jam.