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Jun 25, 2013 11:39 AM

Aji Amarillo

Does anyone know where to get either fresh or frozen Aji Amarillo locally? Dashen has paste but i'd prefer to get it fresh or frozen. Thanks

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  1. I have looked around for years and other than Dashen, I have seen dried at New Seasons.

    1. In Seattle Latino stores I've seen dried, paste, and prepared sauces. Maybe also canned whole, though canned rocoto is more common. I've also seen frozen rocoto, but I don't recall frozen amarillo. Never fresh. The Mexican chile manzana is close to the rocoto.
      gives an idea of the products that are imported. Local shops probably shop wholesale from distributors like this.

      1. Thanks! I decided to go back to Dashen and get the paste because I needed the Aji for a sauce, and low and behold they had frozen Aji Amarillo! Completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise.

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