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Jun 25, 2013 11:34 AM

Amsterdam Brewhouse - Harbourfront area

New Amsterdam Brewhouse is now open (soft launch).

245 Queens Quay.

Any CHers been?

Good to have more options down in that area.

It is a big space, over 800 seats and 300+ extra in patios.

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  1. I was in the area on the weekend and walked by it twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. It was busy both days. On Sunday after the Jay's game there was a line up but the place was definitely not at capacity (saw a bunch of empty seats on the patio that were all set up for new patrons). I don't think the kitchen could handle the volume (which isn't surprising since they have been open a week!).

    I am curious to hear how the food is but will probably wait until later in the summer to give it a go.

    I did go to the retail store and picked up a few things on Canada Day. The store is open 11am to 11pm every day.

    1. I went on July 1. Glad I made an opentable reservation; there were 20 people lined up at 6:30. But it was not as if they were full - there were lots of empty tables inside and the upstairs was not even open. The bouncer (!) kept everyone in line and asked to see my reservation (email on iPhone) before letting me in.

      There were slight issues with the service. I saw how all the wait staff had to consult the chart to figure out where the tables were; even so our appetizer took a detour around the place before it arrived at our table. Our mains took 40 minutes after the app; the server did come and apologize for the wait - wonder if something was mixed up. Hopefully will improve soon.

      The food: the chicken lettuce wrap app was no good - the promised hoisin flavour very subdued, and the meat was dry. For the mains, I was told the chicken schnitzel was dry as well. The fish and chips was a big portion, had nice flavour, but it was just a tad soggy, maybe it sat under the lamp longer than it should have. The fries were skin-on and dark and flavourful but not crisp. I had "pulled duck grilled cheese", it had cheese on both the outside and inside of the bread, which made it just a bit too much, but otherwise good. The boneless short ribs was very tender.

      The menu is a bit limited so we would go back but not too soon.

      1. We went for dinner on June 30, mainly to eat, drink and watch the fireworks.

        As Teep mentioned, we were lucky to have an Opentable reservation, though there was obviously a glitch in the Opentable reservation system, as they continued to take reservations all night (I checked the app at 8:07 pm and there was an 8:15 reservation available). We arrived at 7:45 pm for our reservation to a long line outside, and another line inside, though we were told to just walk to the front. Once we got to the front, we overheard them telling people that they were only seating people with reservations and that the kitchen was backed up with a 45 to 60 minute wait for food.

        As also mentioned, they had no idea which tables were empty. I asked for a patio table, and the hostess had to send someone out with a pen and paper to mark down which tables were free.

        We got a great table, and ordered the fish tacos and lettuce wraps to start, followed by two short rib burgers and one brisket burger. The fish tacos were terrible, and I thought the lettuce wraps were good, but maybe it was just the contrast with the fish tacos.

        The burgers were fantastic, though the fries were a bit too mushy for my taste.

        Even though they were obviously suffering opening problems, the entire evening was saved by the great waitress. She kept explaining the problems, sincerely apologizing, and even joking with us about the issues. The delays were of no concern to us though because we were waiting for the fireworks to start at 10:30 pm.

        The biggest issue for us though was the number of people smoking on the patio. Our table was next to an open area, and there was a constant stream of people coming outside to stand next to us to smoke. It wasn't as bad as it sounds, though it certainly wasn't pleasant, and could be an issue for sensitive people.

        I'm also surprised about Teep's comment about the menu being limited. Seemed to be pretty extensive to me with burgers, pizza (from a wood burning oven), sandwiches, and various main courses. Plus obviously an extensive beer menu and a decent cocktail and OK wine list.

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          It seems limited to me because we're going there for the food not the drinks, also we almost never order pizza and burgers when we dine out. But yes, as a bar the menu is pretty decent.