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Jun 25, 2013 10:50 AM

Flavio al Velavevodetto

We will be in Rome next week and thinking about trying Flavio al Velavevodetto for either lunch or dinner. Can anyone give us some recent thoughts on their meal there.

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  1. I went last year and was disappointed. I had seen Flavio on TV (I live in Italy) and was really excited to eat some Roman classics like roasted abbacchio and sweetbreads, etc., but I found the menu to be really ho-hum. The most "exciting" entree was breaded lamb chops which were mediocre at best. Granted, I only went once, so I could have hit it on a bad day, but I wouldn't chance wasting another meal there. I would just go to Quinto Quarto instead, or anything else that Elizabeth Minchilli recommends.

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      We liked the environment (including quite a display of wine to choose from), the friendly welcome and the tasty food. Servings definitely were on the copious side for Rome - and the traditional dishes we had were quite good - in the same ballpark though maybe not quite as delicious as at our longterm standard, Armando al Pantheon. I had a ravioli dish that was on the light side and was a standout. Tripe was good. We would definitely return.

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        ps - wanted to add, we went at lunch. Most of our Rome dining over the years has been at lunch time. which we find a more relaxed experience, most places, and also less impacted by tourism, It may be more crowded and less pleasant in the evening

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          Like Jen, we were there a year ago for lunch--but it was a Sunday afternoon, not a weekday. Lots of Italian families and very relaxed. My husband's cacio e pepe was delicious. I had vignarola served as a sauce over pasta--good but not great (decided that I preferred vignarola on its own). Matt had some form of beef as a secondo, which I didn't try. My lamb chops were delicious.

    2. My husband and I went once, feeling the pressure to try it, and thought it was pretty awful. I understand this is a minority opinion, but that was our experience. Service was subpar, food ranged from standard to not very good at all. Atmosphere was way too noisy for our taste.

      1. We also try new places at lunch. Should we try Da Felice instead? Reading good things about it.

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          Was at da felice a month ago to check out after a longwhile. It was bad. Pasta carbonara had oliveoil and was totally gummy, amatriciana bland, cacio e pepe, their signature, overcooked. an involtino was inedibly dry, another secondo we ordered was out - but this was told us only as others at the table were getting their secondi.

        2. Flavio has gotten to be a bit uneven (service and food) ever since Flavio opened a second restaurant in Prati. That said, I ate there a few months ago, and it was good. The portions are HUGE, so keep that in mind when you order.

          My favorite of these types of places is Perilli, just down the street. But I tend towards Flavio in the summer time, when you can reserve a table for dinner up on the rooftop terrace, which is lovely. But if you go in the summer, during the day, better to sit inside which is cooler.

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            Thank you for your thoughts. I think we will stay with Flavio. Perilli looks interesting.......

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              will be interested to hear what you think!

          2. Just to recap, we were in Rome twice in the past few weeks and ate lunch there once on each visit. The restaurant was very welcoming and the food was very much to our taste. The pasta with pesto really stood out. It was made with green beans and potatoes. We were there the second time on a Sunday and the restaurant was full, and the menu was completely different. The location was difficult to find the first time, even the cab driver had trouble, but it certainly was worth the trouble.

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              thanks for the report and am glad it pleased you! looking forward to hear more about your eating on this trip.