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Entertaining 30 clients- Searching for a magical experience for them!

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Greetings Chowhounders! Every year, I entertain my 30 best clients one night at an annual conference that, this year, is in Seattle. I am completely unfamiliar with the dining scene in Seattle (as I'm not from there), but very excited, as I always hear great things about your local food scene. The goal of the evening every year is amazing food, a great atmosphere, and a chance to NOT talk business for a night. This is the 8th year running now, and we've had some simply amazing experiences at the following places:

Araka- St. Louis
Restaurant August- New Orleans
The Carlyle- Portland
Kevin Taylor- Denver
Restaurant 1789- Washington DC
J.G. Domestic- Philadephia
Locke-Ober- Boston

All great experiences, wonderful places to dine (I highly recommend each of them, if ever you find yourself in those towns).

I am looking to duplicate/improve upon those for this year- My goal is a wonderful night, with great food.

Budget (cut a bit this year- darn recession!): $100 a person
# of attendees: 25-30
Private Dining space/room: Highly desired.
Location: Prefer near the Convention Center, but willing to cab it if a reasonable distance.

If the venue has a great local story/flair to it, all the better. Many of the attendees are (actual) historians, so a bonus there.

Chowhound has helped in each of these events every year in the past- I am so hopeful for the same excellent guidance for this year in Seattle! Thank you!!!

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  1. Hi, Larspert:

    Hard to beat Canlis for quality + history, but you better call ahead re: your p/p budget and the private dining.


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      I think they have a menu that's like $85pp? Suppose it depends if that needs to cover drinks and tips too.

    2. What about booking the entire restaurant for the night? I'm thinking of The Corson Building or Matt's in the Market or something like that?

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      1. re: Lauren

        Hmm...would one of those restaurants close down entirely for a maximum budget of $3k?

      2. These are great ideas so far. Also, I could possibly squeak my budget up to $130 a head, but likely no more. Not sure if that changes the selections though.

        1. Dustin Ronspies, at Art of the Table is worth a call.