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Jun 25, 2013 09:50 AM

New Opening in June? Maybe----Matilda's Quincy

So, for 20 or so years I've driven by this spot on Quincy Shore Drive--looks like a residential/commercial combo with a small restaurant downstairs, living(?) space above. In all this time I've never seen it open.
When work gets too stressful, I've often daydreamed that I'd love to own it as a little icecream/breakfast/lunch spot (recalling my Friendly's days in highschool, back when Friendly's was such). Then I remember that in the summer, I'd rather play more than I wish to scoop icecream and flip burgers and remind myself how grateful I am to be gainfully employed.

But I still notice this spot.

Well--now it's open.

Quincy folks--anyone been? Ever--years ago, or now? What's it like? There's nothing on line about it and I can't get in there for a while...Happy to see the open sign!



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  1. Whereabouts on Quincy Shore Drive?

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    1. re: catsmeow

      Heading south from Boston on the right (just kidding!)-- it's after Clam Box, Tony's, Beachcomber et al. Before Furnace Brook.

      I want to say it's where Rice road intersects.

      1. re: SeaSide Tomato

        Hmmm...I can't picture it. Is it set back a bit on that little street that goes in at an angle from the main street but you can still see the houses on that little street/ private way?

    2. I drove by it on the way back from Tony's the other day and didn't remember anything being there before. Actually, was there a hot dog place there? Or is the hot dog place north of Tony's?

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      1. re: hiddenboston

        There used to be a hot dog place next to the clam box now it's an ice cream shop called the Ice Box. At least I think that was the name.

      2. Tony's has a sign up that says "try our Richardson's ice cream next door at Matilda's". I'm not sure what the affiliation is. I haven't been yet. Too busy enjoying the clams at Tony's. When I was a kid it was called Schwartzs and I hung out with one of the Schwartzs. Whenever I stayed over in the off season we would always beg her mother to go downstairs and make fried clams. She didn't always give in but when she did it was something special. I'm happy to see Matilda's giving it a go.

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        1. re: Pegmeister


          Glad te hear from someone who's been ther ever.

          I've always wnated to seesomething go in there. i wish them luck!!