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Jun 25, 2013 09:45 AM

Coming to Pittsburghs.What's the Best ?

I will be in town for a concert and would like recommendations for the city's best cheap eats. Looking for a place that you order at the counter and then just wait for your food. But somethig that is just fantastic. I like all kinds of stuff. Staying at the Best Western Parkway Center so close is better.But really looking for the something memorable.Thanks guys.

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  1. Not sure what cheap eats means but here are a few ideas.

    Breakfast - Gab N Eat or Pamela's

    Thin Man Sandwich
    Nicky's Thai Kitchen
    Casa Rasta - BYOB
    Fat Head's Saloon on the Southside is popular for Big sandwiches and a beer.
    Kaya but a little higher price.

    1. Waffallonia -- best belgian waffle I've ever had.
      Bear in mind, pittsburgh is cheap real estate, so I'm going to recommend Ramen Bar as well (order ramen!).

      1. Not much out in Greentree. And not much in the way of outstanding counter food.

        I'd suggest Bluebird Kitchen (Market Square) for breakfast/lunch. Station St. Hot Dogs in E. Liberty for dinner/late night chow.

        1. Gaucho will fit the bill.
          For an experience, go to the Original Hot Dog Shop (order a large fry. maybe some hot dogs if you're still hungry).

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            Good call on The O. Not sure I'd do that BEFORE a concert though, lol.

          2. Staying in Greentree, I would definitely go to Gab N' Eat for breakfast. Cheap, unique and good! You might want to try Nadine's on the Southside (behind the Goodwill). She serves good "home style" at great prices and if you want more, she give you seconds! You can also sip on a beer here.